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Frank Patrick (b. Frank Alexis Patrick December 21, 1885 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - d. June 29, 1960) was a Canadian NHL player and head coach. Along with his brother, Lester, he helped found the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. He played for the Vancouver Millionaires of that league from 1911–1918, winning a Stanley Cup in 1915. He also served as PCHA president until 1924. He became the managing director of the NHL in 1933–34 and resigned to become head coach of the Boston Bruins between 1934-1936.

Among Patrick's contributions to hockey were the blue line, the penalty shot, the boarding penalty, and the raising of the stick when a goal is scored. Frank introduced the playoff system to hockey and other sports. He and his brother Lester came up with players' numbers. He also made a prophecy: "I dream of the day that teams will dress two goaltenders for each game." This became a reality in the NHL in 1964–65.

In all Frank is credited with 22 changes that remain in the NHL rulebook to this day,

Frank Patrick was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame as a builder in 1958. Patrick is also a member of the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame, elected in 1966.

On June 29, 1960, Frank died of a heart attack exactly four weeks after his brother died, also of a heart attack.

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