A Forward is a hockey player position on the ice whose responsibility is primarily offensive. Generally, the offensemen try to stay in three different lanes, also known as thirds, of the ice going from goal to goal. It is not mandatory however, to stay in a lane. Staying in a lane aids in forming the common offensive strategy known as a triangle. One offenseman obtains the puck and then the offenseman pass it between themselves making the goalie move side to side. This strategy opens up the net for scoring oportunities. This strategy allows for a constant flow of the play, attempting to maintain the control of play by one team in the offensive zone. The offense can pass to the defensive players playing at the blue line, thus freeing up the play and allowing either a shot from the point(blue line position where the defense stands) or a pass back to the offense. This then begins the triangle again.

Each team has three forwards:

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