Fort Frances Memorial Sports Centre

Fort Frances is a town of about 8000 people in the Rainy River District in northwestern Ontario, Canada along the border with Minnesota across from International Falls, Minnesota. It is located where Rainy Lake narrows to form Rainy River. It is in the area under the jurisdiction of Hockey Northwestern Ontario formerly known as the Thunder Bay Amateur Hockey Association. Due to its' remoteness from the rest of Ontario it has sometimes entered teams in the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association.

Teams[edit | edit source]

  1. (Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League, 1934-1935)
  2. (International American Hockey League, 1937-1938) withdrew
  1. (Northern Amateur League, 1947-1951)
  2. (Thunder Bay Senior Hockey League, 1952-1955) drop to intermediate level
  3. (Minnesota-Ontario Hockey League, 1957-1962)
  4. (Canadian Central Hockey League, 1971-1973) disbanded
  1. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1963-1964) join TBJHL
  2. Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League, 1964-1969)

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