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Federal Amateur Hockey League
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Founded 1903
Inaugural season 1904
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Ceased 1909
Last champion(s) Renfrew Creamery Kings
Most championship(s) several teams won it once

The Federal Amateur Hockey League was a Canadian men's senior-level ice hockey league that played six seasons from 1904 to 1909. The league was a professional league for its last two years and was known as the Federal Hockey League.


The league was formed December 5, 1903, at a meeting held at the Savoy hotel in Montreal.

The first executive officers were:

The first franchises were granted to the Wanderers, the Capitals, Cornwall and the Nationals. Three of the four teams had been rejected for membership by the Canadian Amateur Hockey League (CAHL), while the fourth—the Montreal Wanderers—was comprised of disillusioned players from two Montreal-based CAHL teams. Only the Cornwall team would still be a member of the league at the end of the 1906–07 season.

The Stanley Cup-champion Ottawa HC, aka Ottawa Silver Seven jumped from the CAHL to the FAHL for the 1904–05 season, while the Montreal Nationals went in the opposite direction and joined the CAHL.

The 1906–07 season ended early following the death of Owen McCourt of Cornwall, after an on-ice brawl in a game March 6, 1907 between Cornwall and the Ottawa Victorias. This led to criminal charges of manslaughter against Charles Masson of the Victorias, however he was acquitted as witnesses stated at the trial that other Ottawa hockey players had hit Mr. McCourt in the head prior to Mr. Masson's blow.

In 1907-08 the Federal League returned with only three teams, all professional. Brockville, unable to field a competitive team hired the Renfrew Creamery Kings club to play as the Brockville entry. This was unacceptable to the Ottawa Victorias, which refused to play the Renfrew players, causing the league to suspend operations.

The final season of 1908-09 saw Renfrew become a member of the league on its own. Ottawa's entry, called the Senators, was organized by former players of the Ottawa Hockey Club, such as Alf Smith, Bouse Hutton, Arthur Moore and Rat Westwick who no longer played for the first team.

The league dissolved in 1909, with Renfrew joining the National Hockey Association.


Season Teams Champion
1904 Cornwall, Montreal Le National, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Capitals Montreal Wanderers (best record)
1904-05 Brockville, Cornwall, Montreal Montagnards, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa HC Ottawa HC(best record)
1905-06 Brockville, Cornwall, Montreal Montagnards, Ottawa Victorias, Smiths Falls Smiths Falls(best record)
1906-07 Cornwall, Montreal Montagnards, Morrisburg, Ottawa Victorias Ottawa Victorias (awarded championship after Montagnards and Cornwall resigned from league)
1907-08 Brockville Invincibles, Cornwall, Ottawa Victorias No champion
1909 Cornwall, Ottawa Senators, Renfrew Creamery Kings, Smiths Falls Renfrew

† Stanley Cup winner


Team Location Arena Tenure Notes
Cornwall Hockey Club Cornwall, Ontario Victoria Rink (Cornwall) 1903-1907 withdrew from league after player Owen McCourt was killed as a result of a brawl during a March 6, 1907 game
Montreal Le National Montreal, Quebec Montagnard Rink 1903-1904 join Canadian Amateur Hockey League
Montreal Wanderers Montreal, Quebec Montreal Arena 1903-1905 join Eastern Canadian Amateur Hockey Association
Ottawa Capitals Ottawa, Ontario Dey's Arena 1903-1904 withdrew
Brockville Hockey Club Brockville, Ontario Cossits Skating Rink 1904-1906 withdrew
Montreal Montagnards Montreal, Quebec Montagnard Rink 1904-1907 withdrew during 1906-07 season after eligibility of players questioned; continue as an amateur team
Ottawa HC Ottawa, Ontario Aberdeen Pavilion 1904-1905 join Eastern Canadian Amateur Hockey Association
Ottawa Victorias Ottawa, Ontario Victoria Rink (Ottawa) 1905-1908 withdrew due to questioning status of Renfrew's players
Smiths Falls Seniors Smiths Falls, Ontario Daniel Street Arena 1905-1906 withdrew
Morrisburg Hockey Club Morrisburg, Ontario Morrisburg Arena (original) 1906-1907 withdrew
Cornwall Hockey Club Cornwall, Ontario Victoria Rink (Cornwall) 1907-1908 withdew during season; return for 1908-09 season
Brockville Invincibles Brockville, Ontario Cossits Skating Rink 1907-1908 team was actually Renfrew Creamery Kings
Ottawa Senators (FHL) Ottawa, Ontario Dey's Arena 1907-1909 join National Hockey Association
Cornwall Hockey Club Cornwall, Ontario Victoria Rink (Cornwall) 1908-1909 folded
Renfrew Creamery Kings Renfrew, Ontario Renfrew Hockey Arena 1908-1909 join National Hockey Association
Smiths Falls Seniors Smiths Falls, Ontario Daniel Street Arena 1908-1909 sit out 1909-10 playing season; join Interprovincial Hockey Union for 1910-11 season

note:1904 and 1909 seasons started in January; two year dating used in above table for consistency.

Intermediate League[]

The FAHL also ran a lower-level Intermediate League in 1904 and 1905.

Participating teams
  • 1903-04: Montreal National, 2nds, Montreal St-Lawrence, Montreal Stirling, Montreal Wanderers #2
  • 1904-05: Montreal Montagnards 2nds, Montreal Atheaneum, Montreal Wanderers #2, Montreal Stirling, Montreal Strathconas

Junior League[]

The FAHL ran a Junior League as well.

Participating teams
  • 1903-04: Opals, St-Lawrence II (champion), St-Patrick Cadets
  • 1904-05: Gordons (champion), St-Patrick Cadets, Montreal Strathconas II, Montreal Wanderers #3
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