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City: Karlstad, Sweden
League: Swedish Hockey League
Founded: 10 November 1932; 89 years ago (1932-11-10)
Home Arena: Löfbergs Arena
General Manager: Peter Jakobsson
Head Coach: Johann Pennerborn
Regular Season Titles: (10) (1982, 1983, 1986, 1987, 1990, 1992, 2002, 2007, 2009, 2019)

Färjestad Bollklubb (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈfæ̌rjɛsta]; abbreviated as FBK) is a Swedish professional ice hockey team based in Karlstad. Färjestad has had 20 Swedish Championship final appearances, winning nine times since the Swedish Hockey League (SHL; formerly Elitserien) was started in 1975, making them the most successful SHL club in history. The team plays in the highest Swedish league, and have done so since 1965. They and Brynäs IF are the only two teams to have constantly played in the current top tier of Swedish hockey, the SHL, since it was started in 1975. They reached the SHL championship finals six years in a row between 20012006, winning the championship two times. They are featured rivals with Djurgårdens IF, Frölunda HC, and HV71.


Färjestad BK was founded on 10 November 1932 at Håfström Kiosk in the district of Färjestad in Karlstad by Sven Bryhske, Gösta Jonsson, Sven Larsson and Erik Myren. Initially the association's main sport was bandy. Ice hockey was first included in 1956.

In 1965, Färjestad were promoted to the top division (at that time Division 1 Southern) which they succeeded in winning for the first time in 1973. During the 1974/75 season, Färjestad qualified for the first season of Elitserien, and have since never been demoted.

In 2014, Färjestad BK played in the 2014 AHL All Star Game in St. John's, Newfoundland against a team of AHL All Stars. In the skills contest, Färjestad lost 18-17 against the All Stars on a Tuesday evening at Mile One Center. In the AHL All-Star Game, Färjestad lost again to the AHL All Stars 7-2 with a sold out crowd the following evening.

Season-by-season results

This is a partial list of the five most recent seasons completed by Färjestad. For the full season-by-season history, see List of Färjestad BK seasons.

Season Level Division Record Avg.
Position W-T-L
2014–15 Tier 1 SHL 7th 21–6–8–20 5,992 Top scorer: Flag of the Czech Republic M. Gulaš (40 pts)
Top goalie:
Flag of Canada J. Pogge (92.60 SV%)
Playoff qualifier 0–1–1–1 Lost playoff qualifier against Brynäs (1–2)
2015–16 Tier 1 SHL 5th 20–10–9–13 6,122 Top scorer: Flag of the Czech Republic M. Gulaš (45 pts)
Top goalie:
Flag of Canada J. Pogge (92.20 SV%)
Swedish Championship playoffs 1–0–0–4 Lost in quarterfinals against Luleå (1–4)
2016–17 Tier 1 SHL 7th 22–9–3–18 6,241 Top scorer: Flag of Sweden J. Ryno (36 pts)
Top goalie:
Flag of Norway L. Haugen (92.50 SV%)
Playoff qualifier 2–0–1–0 Won playoff qualifier against Djurgården (2–1)
Swedish Championship playoffs 0–0–1–3 Lost in quarterfinals against HV71 (0–4)
2017–18 Tier 1 SHL 4th 23–6–6–17 7,233 Top scorer: Flag of Sweden J. Ryno (46 pts)
Top goalie:
Flag of Norway L. Haugen (91.50 SV%)
Swedish Championship playoffs 1–0–0–4 Lost in quarterfinals against Skellefteå (2–4)
2018–19 Tier 1 SHL 1st 28–6–5–13 7,231 Top scorer: Flag of Finland J. Virtanen (41 pts)
Top goalie:
Flag of Sweden A. Werner (92.60 SV%)
Swedish Championship playoffs 6–1–1–6 Won in quarterfinals against HV71 (4–3)
Lost in semifinals against Djurgården (3–4)


Current roster

Updated 19 June, 2020.[1][2]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
28 Flag of Sweden Arnesson, LinusLinus Arnesson

D L 27 2019 Stockholm, Sweden
27 Flag of Sweden Bäck, OskarOskar Bäck

C L 22 2019 Karlstad, Sweden
24 Flag of the United States Blum, JonathonJonathon Blum

D R 33 2019 Long Beach, California, United States
14 Flag of Sweden Ejdsell, VictorVictor Ejdsell

C L 27 2019 Karlstad, Sweden
30 Flag of Sweden Eliasson, JesperJesper Eliasson

G L 22 2020 Eksjö, Sweden
23 Flag of Sweden Eriksson, AlbinAlbin Eriksson

RW R 21 2020 Bollnäs, Sweden
50 Flag of Sweden Erixon, SebastianSebastian Erixon

D L 32 2015 Sundsvall, Sweden
37 Flag of Sweden Ginning, AdamAdam Ginning

D L 22 2020 Linköping, Sweden
40 Flag of Norway Haukeland, HenrikHenrik Haukeland

G L 27 2020 Fredrikstad, Norway
75 Flag of Sweden Holm, ArvidArvid Holm

G L 23 2019 Ljungby, Sweden
31 Flag of Sweden Jakobsson, CarlCarl Jakobsson

LW L 21 2017 Limhamn, Sweden
33 Flag of Sweden Johansson, AlbertAlbert Johansson

D L 21 2018 Karlstad, Sweden
25 Flag of Sweden Johansson, MartinMartin Johansson

LW L 34 2017 Landskrona, Sweden
4 Flag of Sweden Lawner, OscarOscar Lawner

LW L 21 2018 Karlstad, Sweden
34 Flag of Sweden Lindqvist, MichaelMichael Lindqvist

RW R 27 2018 Danderyd, Sweden
20 Flag of Sweden Lycksell, OlleOlle Lycksell

LW L 22 2020 Oskarshamn, Sweden
70 Flag of Sweden Nilsson, JacobJacob Nilsson

C L 28 2020 Stockholm, Sweden
44 Flag of Sweden Peterson, JacobJacob Peterson

C L 22 2020 Lidköping, Sweden
15 Flag of Sweden Rydahl, GustavGustav Rydahl

RW L 27 2018 Karlstad, Sweden
13 Flag of Sweden Viksten, DanielDaniel Viksten

RW R 32 2018 Mora, Sweden
3 Flag of Sweden Westin, JensJens Westin

D L 32 2017 Kramfors, Sweden
67 Flag of Sweden Widerström, PontusPontus Widerström

C L 28 2020 Gothenburg, Sweden

Team captains

Retired numbers

Färjestad BK retired numbers
No. Player Position Career No. retirement
2 Tommy Samuelsson D 1976-1995 14 December 1998
5 Håkan Loob RW 1979-1983, 1989-1996 27 September 1996
9 Thomas Rundqvist C 1978-1984, 1985-1993 14 December 1998
9 Ulf Sterner LW 1967-68, 1969-1973 13 November 2001
17 Mathias Johansson C 1990-2002, 2003-2008 24 November 2012
21 Jörgen Jönsson C 1995-1999, 2000-2009 26 December 2009
51 Rickard Wallin C 1998-2002, 2005-2006, 2007–2009, 2010-2016 23 September 2017

Franchise records and leaders

Regular season

Goals: 42 Håkan Loob (1982-83)
Assists: 36 Thomas Rhodin (2006-07)
Points: 76 Håkan Loob (1982-83)
Penalty Minutes: 213 Emil Kåberg (2004-05)
Career Goals: 262 Håkan Loob
Career Assists: 273 Jörgen Jönsson
Career Points: 500 Håkan Loob
Career Penalty Minutes: 546 Thomas Rhodin
Career Shutouts: 12 Daniel Henriksson
Career Games: 616 Mathias Johansson

Playoff season

Goals: 11 Rickard Wallin (2000-01)
Assists: 13 Jesper Mattsson (2005-06)
Points: 18 Marcel Jenni (2000-01), Jörgen Jönsson (2005-06)
Penalty Minutes: 84 Emil Kåberg (2004-05)
Career Goals: 43 Håkan Loob
Career Assists: 62 Jörgen Jönsson
Career Points: 102 Jörgen Jönsson
Career Penalty Minutes: 193 Peter Nordström
Career Shutouts: 5 Daniel Henriksson, Jonas Gustavsson (2008-09
Career Games: 138 Peter Nordström

Total (Regular season + Playoffs)

Goals: 52 Håkan Loob (1982-83)
Assists: 41 Thomas Rhodin (2006-07)
Points: 90 Håkan Loob (1982-83)
Penalty Minutes: 297 Emil Kåberg (2004-05)
Career Goals: 305 Håkan Loob
Career Assists: 312 Thomas Rundqvist
Career Points: 566 Håkan Loob
Career Penalty Minutes: 703 Peter Nordström
Career Shutouts: 17 Daniel Henriksson
Career Games: 748 Mathias Johansson

Trophies and awards


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