Evald Tipner (13 March 1906 – 18 July 1947) was Estonian football, ice hockey and bandy player. He was capped 66 times for Estonian national football team, 7 times for bandy national team and once for ice hockey team. Tipner was also a good track and field athlete. Some sources report him as the first goalscorer in the history of World Cup preliminary competition, having scored what would be an own goal for Sweden against Estonia 7 minutes into the game, on 11th June 1933, in Stockholm. Some other sources consider this was not an own goal, and that it was actually scored by Swedish captain Knut Kroon.

Football[edit | edit source]

Tipner was mainly a goalkeeper, but he also played in his club as a striker. He was a good penalty taker as well.

Bandy[edit | edit source]

Tipner played 7 games and scored 9 goals for national team during 1927–1934.

Ice hockey[edit | edit source]

In 1924 he played one game for national hockey team.

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