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The Eredivisie is the highest level of competition sanctioned by the Nederlandse IJshockey Bond (NIJB; "Netherlands Ice Hockey Federation").

Map of Eredivisie teams in the Netherlands, 2008-09

The Eredivisie was formed after World War II, with teams in Amsterdam, The Hague and Tilburg. It suspended operations from 1950 to 1964, but has organized a season of competition annually ever since. Over the years the number of teams competing has fluctuated between 3 and 10 (currently 8), and the number of games played in the regular season between 4 and 36 (currently 28).

Below the Eredivisie is the Eerste Divisie (First Division), an amateur league. There is no automatic relegation or promotion between Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie, but teams have sometimes moved from one division to the other for financial reasons. Some cities (such as Amsterdam, Tilburg, The Hague and Nijmegen) have a professional team in the Eredivisie and a separate but similarly-named amateur team in the Eerste Divisie.

Eredivisie (Honorary Division) is also used for the top leagues of many other sports in the Netherlands, most notably the football Eredivisie.


List of teams for 2009-10 season.

Team City Arena
Amstel Tijgers Amsterdam Jaap Edenhal (cap. +/- 1,300)
Eindhoven Kemphanen Eindhoven IJssportcentrum Eindhoven (cap. 1,700)
HYS The Hague The Hague de Uithof (cap. 2,610)
Geleen Eaters Sittard-Geleen Glanerbrook (cap. 1,200)
Groningen Grizzlies Groningen Kardinge (cap. 800)
Heerenveen Flyers Heerenveen Thialf (cap. 3,500)
Nijmegen Devils Nijmegen Triavium (cap. 1,450)
Tilburg Trappers Tilburg Stappegoor (cap. 2,500)

For the 2008-2009 season, the Utrecht Dragons and Eindhoven Kemphanen joined the league. In 2009-2010, Utrecht returned to the Eerste Divisie.


Season Winner
1945–46 H.H.IJ.C. Den Haag
1946–47 T.IJ.S.C. Tilburg
1947–48 H.H.IJ.C. Den Haag
1948–49 Not Played
1949–50 IJsvogels Amsterdam
1950–64 Not Played
1964–65 H.IJ.S. Hoky Den Haag
1965–66 H.IJ.S. Hoky Den Haag
1966–67 H.IJ.S. Hoky Den Haag
1967–68 H.IJ.S. Hoky Den Haag
1968–69 H.IJ.S. Hoky Den Haag
1969–70 S.IJ. Den Bosch
1970–71 Tilburg Trappers
1971–72 Tilburg Trappers
1972–73 Tilburg Trappers
1973–74 Tilburg Trappers
1974–75 Tilburg Trappers
1975–76 Tilburg Trappers
1976–77 Feenstra Verwarming Heerenveen
1977–78 Feenstra Verwarming Heerenveen
1978–79 Feenstra Flyers Heerenveen
1979–80 Feenstra Flyers Heerenveen
1980–81 Feenstra Flyers Heerenveen
1981–82 Feenstra Flyers Heerenveen
1982–83 Feenstra Flyers Heerenveen
1983–84 Vissers Nijmegen
1984–85 Deko Builders Amsterdam
1985–86 Lada GIJS Groningen
1986–87 IJ.H.C. Rotterdam Panda's
1987–88 Spitman Nijmegen
1988–89 Gunco Panda's Rotterdam
1989–90 Gunco Panda's Rotterdam
1990–91 Peter Langhout Reizen Utrecht
1991–92 Pro Badge Utrecht
1992–93 Flame Guards Nijmegen
1993–94 Couwenberg Trappers Tilburg
1994–95 Couwenberg Trappers Tilburg
1995–96 CVT Keuken Trappers Tilburg
1996–97 Fulda Tigers Nijmegen
1997–98 Van Heumen Tigers Nijmegen
1998–99 Agio Huys Tigers Nijmegen
1999–2000 Agio Huys Tigers Nijmegen
2000–01 Diamant Trappers Tilburg
2001–02 Boretti Tigers Amsterdam
2002–03 Boretti Tigers Amsterdam
2003–04 Amsterdam Bulldogs
2004–05 Amsterdam Bulldogs
2005–06a Hatulek Emperors Nijmegen
2006–07 Destil Trappers Tilburg
2007–08 Destil Trappers Tilburg
2008–09 HYS The Hague
2009–10 Romijnders Devils Nijmegen
2010–11 HYS The Hague

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