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English National League
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1935
No. of teams
Country(ies) Flag of Great Britain Great Britain
Most recent champion(s) Nottingham Panthers
(last champions; 1953-54)

The English National League is a former league that existed in England from 1935 to 1954. Formed by most of the teams of the defunct English League, the ENL held its activities until 1940, where they put them on hold until 1946, due to the World War II. The league carried on until 1954, where it merged with the Scottish National League to form the British National League.


The founding teams of the league were the Brighton Tigers, the Earls Court Rangers, the Harringay Greyhounds, the Harringay Racers, the Kensington Corinthians, the Richmond Hawks, Streatham, the Wembley Canadians and the Wembley Lions.

The ENL was tentatively revived in 1981-82 and featured the Altrincham Aces, Billingham Bombers, Blackpool Seagulls, Crowtree Chiefs, Durham Wasps, Nottingham Panthers, Streatham Redskins and Whitley Warriors. The revival only lasted a season before the league became the British League Division Two. This ENL crowned the Streatham Redskins as champions in 1982. From 1982 to 1988, that league was, barring the casual appearance of a non-English team, effectively the English National League.


Flag of England
English National League winners
Season Winner
1936 Wembley Lions
1937 Wembley Lions
1938 Harringay Racers
1939 Harringay Greyhounds
1940 Harringay Greyhounds
1947 Brighton Tigers
1948 Brighton Tigers
1949 Harringay Racers
1950 Streatham
1951 Nottingham Panthers
1952 Wembley Lions
1953 Streatham
1954 Nottingham Panthers
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