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Emil Iverson (1893 - February 21, 1960) was a Canadian player and coach. Iverson was head coach of the Chicago Black Hawks for one season, 1932–33.

He had been caoch of the University of Minnesota from 1922-23 thorugh 1929-30.

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  • Emil Iverson's career stats at The Internet Hockey Database Emil was also one of the most successful coaches at the University of Minnesota, taking them to seven national championships. During the off season, while at the University of Minnesota, Emil worked as a guide and outfitter at his exploration headquaters located on Lake Vermillion, near the Boundry Waters. However, his proudest achivement took place in 1927, when he found a lost village - once inhabited by the Ojibwa people. The expedtion found countless artifacts, saw to proper burials according to the Ojibwa Tradition (taught to him by a tribal elder), taking great care to respect the exposed skeletons The history of his exploits and that of his Ojibwa firends can be found in the novel "Hunters and Hearts."