The Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award is an award given "in recognition of distinguished members of the newspaper profession whose words have brought honour to journalism and to hockey". Recipients are selected by the Professional Hockey Writers' Association and gain automatic entrance into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

List of recipients[edit | edit source]

Year Recipient Publication(s)
1984 Jacques Beauchamp Montréal-Matin/Le Journal de Montréal
1984 Jim Burchard New York World Telegram
1984 Red Burnett Toronto Star
1984 Dink Carroll Montréal Gazette
1984 Jim Coleman Southam Newspapers
1984 Ted Damata Chicago Tribune
1984 Marcel Desjardins La Presse
1984 Jack Dulmage Windsor Star
1984 Milt Dunnell Toronto Star
1984 Elmer Ferguson Montréal Herald/Montréal Star
1984 Tom Fitzgerald The Boston Globe
1984 Trent Frayne Toronto Telegram/The Globe and Mail/Sun
1984 Al Laney New York Herald Tribune
1984 Joe Nichols The New York Times
1984 Basil O'Meara Montréal Star
1984 Jim Vipond Toronto Globe and Mail
1984 Lewis Walter Detroit Times
1985 Charlie Barton Buffalo Courier-Express
1985 Red Fisher Montréal Star/Gazette
1985 George Gross Toronto Telegram/Sun
1985 Zotique L'Esperance Le Journal de Montréal/La Petit Journal
1985 Charles Mayer Le Journal de Montréal/La Patrie
1985 Andy O'Brien Weekend Magazine
1986 Dick Johnston The Buffalo News
1986 Leo Monahan Boston Daily Record/Record-American/Boston Herald American
1986 Tim Moriarty UPI/Newsday
1987 Bill Brennan The Detroit News
1987 Rex MacLeod Toronto Globe and Mail/Star
1987 Ben Olan New York Associated Press
1987 Fran Rosa Boston Globe
1988 Jim Proudfoot Toronto Star
1988 Scott Young Toronto Globe and Mail/Telegram
1989 Claude Larochelle Le Soleil
1989 Frank Orr Toronto Star
1990 Bertrand Raymond Le Journal de Montréal
1991 Hugh Delano New York Post
1993 Al Strachan Globe and Mail/Toronto Sun
1995 Jack Gatecliff St. Catharines Standard
1997 Ken McKenzie The Hockey News
1998 Yvon Pedneault La Presse/Le Journal de Montréal
1999 Russ Conway The Eagle-Tribune
2000 Jim Matheson Edmonton Journal
2001 Eric Duhatschek Calgary Herald
2002 Kevin Dupont Boston Globe
2003 Michael Farber Sports Illustrated
2004 Jim Kelley The Buffalo News
2005 Helene Elliott Los Angeles Times
2006 Scott Morrison Toronto Sun
2007 Dave Fay Washington Times
2008 Neil Stevens Canadian Press
2009 Dave Molinari Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2010 Marc de Foy Le Journal de Montréal /

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