Easton Sports, Inc. is a privately owned manufacturer, marketer and distributor of sporting equipment, headquartered in Van Nuys, California. It currently employs more than 1,000 people worldwide in various distribution, manufacturing, sales and marketing capacities. Other operations are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Mexico and Canada.

Easton manufactures ice hockey equipment and apparel with its "Synergy" and "Stealth" sticks being the most popular among NHL players. The newly released Stealth S17 is the first ever elliptical-designed hockey stick, and is used by NHLers such as Dany Heatley and Marián Gáborík. Both of these lines are on their 3rd edition, showing their popularity. They also make shafts (like the outdated Zbubble and Ultralite), blades, and protective equipment. The shafts and blades are also very popular, but the protective equipment is not as popular. However, they are launching a new line of equipment, the stealth line, which includes their first helmet to expand into the protective equipment market.

Other hockey equipment includes: skates, pants, elbow pads, shin guards, shoulder pads, and gloves.

Easton Hockey Brand broke through in early 1990s, when Wayne Gretzky endorsed and used the first Easton Ice Hockey sticks that used aluminum instead of wood. The Easton Aluminum was the first composite ice hockey stick which was used in National Hockey League.

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