Eastern European Hockey League
Countries Flag of Belarus Belarus
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Founded 1995
Folded 2004
No. of teams 9
Championship EEHL Championship
Recent Champions Keramin Minsk (2003-2004)
Most successful club Sokol Kyiv(2)

Eastern European Hockey League was a regional ice hockey league which existed from 1995 to 2005.

The league was formed in 1995 by Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine, to provide a higher-level competition for teams from those countries. In some years, the league also included teams from Poland and Russia. Besides the main tournament for professional ice hockey teams, the league also had junior championships in several age groups.

By its end, the league was increasingly dominated by Belarusian teams. In 2005, it was dissolved. Instead, two teams from Latvia (Metalurgs Liepaja and Riga 2000) and one team from Ukraine (Sokil Kyiv) joined the Belarusian Extraliga. There was temporarily a period where the Belarusian Extraliga was closed to foreign teams, but that has since changed as Metalurgs Liepaja, Dinamo-Juniors Riga, and Sokil Kyiv are now members of the league.

Member teams 2003/04 Edit

Division A:

EEHL Champions Edit

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