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EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz
Founded 1992 as EHC Black Wings Linz
2005 as EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz
Based In Linz, Austria
Arena Keine Sorgen Eisarena Linz
(Capacity: 3,800)
League Erste Bank Eishockey Liga
Team Colors               
Head Coach Flag of Canada Kim Collins
Captain Flag of Austria Philipp Lukas

The EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz are a member of the Austrian Erste Bank Eishockey Liga. They play their home games in Linz, Austria at the Keine Sorgen Eisarena Linz.


The ice hockey team EHC Black Wings Linz was founded in 1992. After several years in the Austrian minor leagues 2000 the Black Wings started in the highest league Erste Bank Eishockey Liga. In their first season 2000/01 the Black Wings reached third place in the regular season and failed in the playoffs. The season 2001/02 they just lost the finals and finished the season as vice champion. In their third season (2002/03) the Black Wings finally won the championship. It was their first and only title so far they could win.

After the EHC Black Wings Linz went bankrupt in the year 2005 they got re-established as EHC LIWEST Black Wings Linz. Since that the Black Wings had their best result in the championship season 2006/07 as they became vice champion once more. One year later the Black Wings won unexpected the regular season but failed in the playoffs.



Roster 2009/10

# Nationality Player Catches Place of Birth
22 Flag of Austria Gerald Kastner L Feldkirch, Austria
32 Flag of the United States Alex Westlund R Flemington, New Jersey
33 Flag of Austria Lorenz Hirn L Feldkirch, Austria
# Nationality Player Shoots Place of Birth
5 Flag of Canada Franklin MacDonald L Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
6 Flag of Austria Alexander Pallestrang L Bregenz, Austria
8 Flag of Austria Michael Mayr L Linz, Austria
24 Flag of Canada Darrel Scoville L Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
27 Flag of Austria Gerd Gruber L Graz, Austria
47 Flag of Canada Rich Bronilla R Mississauga, Ontario
55 Flag of Austria Robert Lukas L Wien, Austria
# Nationality Player Position Shoots Place of Birth
15 Flag of Austria Matthias Iberer LW L Graz, Austria
19 Flag of Canada Rob Shearer C R Kitchener, Ontario
20 Flag of Canada Brad Purdie C R Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec
21 Flag of Austria Philipp Lukas RW L Vienna, Austria
25 Flag of Austria Mark Szücs LW L Toronto, Ontario
29 Flag of Sweden Markus Matthiasson RW L Uppsala, Sweden
46 Flag of Austria Christoph Ibounig LW L Klagenfurt, Austria
63 Flag of Austria Schlacher Markus F L Villach, Austria
71 Flag of the United States Pat Leahy RW R Duxbury, Massachusetts
74 Flag of Austria Daniel Oberkofler F L Graz, Austria
79 Flag of Austria Gregor Baumgartner RW L Kapfenberg, Austria
81 Flag of Austria Andreas Judex LW R Vienna, Austria
91 Flag of Austria Martin Grabher Meier F L Lustenau, Austria


Position Nationality Name Last Team
Head Coach Flag of Canada Kim Collins SERC Wild Wings
Assistant Coach Flag of Austria Rick Nasheim active player

Team internal records

Statistics are valid after the season 2000/01. All games of regular seasons and playoffs are included (effective August 2009).


Ranking Player Goals Season
1. Rick Nasheim 33 2001/02
2. Mark Szücs 32 2002/03
2. Markus Mattiasson 32 2008/09
4. Ralph Intranuovo 31 2002/03
5. Rick Nasheim 27 2000/01
Ranking Player Assists Season
1. Brad Purdie 49 2008/09
2. Rob Shearer 46 2006/07
3. Brad Purdie 45 2007/08
3. Philipp Lukas 45 2001/02
5. Rob Shearer 36 2008/09
5. Dave Chyzowski 36 2005/06
Ranking Player Points Season
1. Brad Purdie 73 2008/09
2. Rob Shearer 72 2006/07
2. Philipp Lukas 67 2001/02
4. Mark Szücs 66 2002/03
5. Rick Nasheim 64 2000/01
Penalties in minutes
Ranking Player PIM Season
1. Reid Simonton 151 2003/04
2. Ben Storey 147 2006/07
2. Viktors Ignatjevs 130 2001/02
4. Michael Lampert 123 2002/03
5. Mattias Iberer 122 2008/09


Ranking Player Goals
1. Mark Szücs 148
2. Philipp Lukas 128
3. Christian Perthaler 101
4. Rick Nasheim 82
5. Rob Shearer 78
Ranking Player Assists
1. Philipp Lukas 208
2. Mark Szücs 185
3. Rob Shearer 145
4. Robert Lukas 118
5. Christian Perthaler 114
Ranking Player Points
1. Philipp Lukas 336
2. Mark Szücs 333
3. Rob Shearer 223
4. Christian Perthaler 215
5. Rick Nasheim 172
Ranking Player Games
1. Philipp Lukas 416
2. Mark Szücs 398
3. Michael Mayr 329
4. Christian Perthaler 311
5. Robert Lukas 258

History of coaches

Season Nationality Head Coach Comments
2001-2004 Flag of the Czech Republic Stanislav Barda Champion 2003
2004-2006 Flag of Austria Kurt Harand Dismissal in February
2006 Flag of Canada Mike Zettel February to end of season
2006 Flag of Canada Bill Stewart Withdrawal of running contract in November
2007-2009 Flag of Italy Jim Boni 2 x Semifinals
Since 2009 Flag of Canada Kim Collins

Arena data

The home arena of the Black Wings is the Keine Sorgen Eisarena Linz. It was built in the year 1986 and was renovated at least two times since that. Its capacity is about 3,500 people.

Average of attendances

  • Season 2003/2004: 3.712 visitors per home game
  • Season 2004/2005: 3.068 visitors per home game
  • Season 2005/2006: 3.125 visitors per home game
  • Season 2006/2007: 2.707 visitors per home game
  • Season 2007/2008: 2.615 visitors per home game
  • Season 2008/2009: 2.584 visitors per home game
  • Season 2009/2010:


The Black Wings have three official fanclubs: Overtime, Powerplay Enns and bully:absolut. In the year 2007 they consolidated and founded the head club Wings United what makes it easier to organize trips to away games and several events.

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