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The Dundalk Bulls are a team based in Dundalk, Ireland, playing in the IHL. The team also competes in the Celtic League Cup. The Bulls were founded in 2007.

The Dundalk Bulls also have a ladies team, a senior recreative team (the Dundalk Bulls B) as well as a junior development program, making them the only club in the whole Republic of Ireland to have one, with U10, U12, U14 and U16 teams. Several of the players of the Senior A team who are involved with coaching at the senior level also coach at the junior one.


  • Irish Ice Hockey League championships (2): 2008, 2009.


# Player Catches Acquired Place of Birth
31 Flag of Sweden Christan Ajnesjö L 2007 Stockholm, Sweden
1 Flag of Ireland Adam Pepper ? 2007 Dundalk, Ireland
35 Flag of Canada Hugh Smith R 2007 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
# Player Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
2 Flag of Sweden Mats Ajnesjö - Captain R 2007 Stockholm, Sweden
19 Flag of Ireland David Morrison - A R 2007 Belfast, Northern Ireland
24 Flag of the Czech Republic Jiri Mojak R 2007 Czech Republic
23 Flag of Slovakia Michael Minarech R 2007 Slovakia
4 Flag of Poland Sebastian Wachowski R 2007 Poland
5 Flag of Ireland Timothy Tabb R 2007 Ireland
# Player Position Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
17 Flag of Ireland Sean Dooley C R 2007 Ireland
16 Flag of the United States Eric Hogberg C L 2007 USA
21 Flag of Ireland William Morrison C R 2007 Ireland
10 Flag of Canada Colin Port C R 2007 Canada
14 Flag of Hungary Sandor Kope C L 2007 Hungary
8 Flag of France Marek Bailly F L 2007 France
12 Flag of Ireland Gareth Martin F L 2007 Ireland
11 Flag of Lithuania Vytautas Lukosevicius F L 2007 Lithuania
3 Flag of Slovakia Vladimir Zak F L 2007 Slovakia
6 Flag of the United States Adam Larrabee F L 2007 USA
9 Flag of the United States Alex Hudspeth F L 2007 USA
27 Flag of Ireland Steven Balmer F L 2007 Ireland
15 Flag of Poland Milosz Lubdda F L 2007 Poland
7 Flag of the United States Paul Gagnon F L 2007 USA
23 Flag of the Czech Republic Jan Pursa R L 2007 Czech Republic