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A view of Duluth, Minnesota.

Duluth is a city in northern Minnesota on Lake Superior.

It has a population of about 85,000 and a metro area of about 275,000 people.

Duluth hosted the 1968 and 1981 Men's Frozen Four and 2003 and 2008 Women's Frozen Four


  1. (International Amateur Hockey League, 1946-1947) joined Northern Amateur League
  2. (Northern Amateur League, 1947-1951) withdrew during season
  1. (United States Amateur Hockey Association, 1920-1925) join Central Hockey League
  2. (Central Hockey League, 1925-1926) league renamed American Hockey Association
  3. (American Hockey Association, 1926-1933) became Wichita Blue Jays mid-season
  4. Central Hockey League, (1933-1934) folded


Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs (WCHA, 1966-2013) will be joining National Collegiate Hockey Conference as a charter member

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