Doru Tureanu
Position forward
Teams Dinamo Bucureşti (Romania)
Olympics Flag of Romania 1976 Olympics
Flag of Romania 1980 Olympics
World Championships Flag of Romania 1971 Pool C
Flag of Romania 1972 Pool B
Flag of Romania 1973 Pool B
Flag of Romania 1974 Pool B
Flag of Romania 1975 Pool B
Flag of Romania 1976 Pool B
Flag of Romania 1977
Flag of Romania 1978 Pool B
Flag of Romania 1979 Pool B
Flag of Romania 1980 Pool B
Flag of Romania 1981 Pool B
Flag of Romania 1982 Pool B
Flag of Romania 1983 Pool B
Flag of Romania 1985 Pool C
Flag of Romania 1986 Pool C
Flag of Romania 1987 Pool C
Nationality Flag of Romania Romanian
Born 1954,
Bucharest, Romania
Pro Career 1969 – 1986

Doru Tureanu (b. in 1954 in Bucharest, Romania) is a former Romanian forward.

A star of the Dinamo Bucuresti for well over a decade (1971 to 1981), Tureanu was a key element of the Romanian National Team for the 1970's and the most part of the 1980's, forming the top offensive line of the country along with Marian Costea and Dumitru Axinte. He took part in the 1976 and 1980 Olympics, as well as in 17 World Championships between 1971 and 1987 inclusively. The potent goal scorer totaled 74 goals and 39 assists (112 points) in the hundred games he played for Romania.

According to an article published on, Tureanu was offered a contract by the Montreal Canadiens in 1977, following a particularly impressive display at the 1977 World Championship in Switzerland, which notably included a pair of goals in a 5-4 win over the United States. Tureanu declined the offer to stay with his sick mother. Three years later, Montreal reportedly sent officials in Bucharest in an effort to sign him, a plan the Securitate, communist Romania's equivalent of the KGB, discovered [1]. He did also get professional offers from Western Eropean clubs, where he couldn't go either, again due to communism.[2].

Former legendary Soviet head coach Viktor Tikhonov once said of Tureanu that he had the skills to play without any problem on any professional team on Earth[3].

It was announced in December 2010 that Tureanu would be inducted to the IIHF Hall of Fame in a ceremony held in Bratislava on May 15th 2011[4].

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