Dornbirner EC
EC Dornbirner Logo.jpeg
City: Dornbirn, Austria
League: Austrian National League
Erste Bank Eishockey Liga
Founded: 1992
Home Arena: Messestadion
(Capacity: 4,270)
Colors: Black, White
Owner(s): Joe Hagn
General Manager: Alexander Kutzer
Head Coach: Dave MacQueen
Franchise history
1992–2002: EC Dornbirn
2002–2005: EC TRENDamin Dornbirn
2005–2008: EC-TREND Dornbirn
2008–: Dornbirner EC

Dornbirner "Bulldogs" EC is an ice hockey team in Dornbirn, Austria, who have played in the Austrian Hockey League (EBEL), the first level of ice hockey in Austria, since 2012.[1] The club was founded in 1992 and in 2001, began play in the Austrian National League. In their 11 years in the National League, Austria's second tier league, Dornbirner celebrated two titles in 2008 and 2010.

History[edit | edit source]

Dornbirner EC was founded in 1992 as the successor of the club EHC Dornbirn and established itself at the beginning primarily as a training club whose various youth teams had regular successes. With the goal of playing professionally at the highest level, the club's management found through affiliated projects with various established teams professional players to help achieve the level of hockey required. In 2001, these efforts bore fruit, as the Club qualified for the first time in the second highest professional level, the Austrian National League.

The first major success of the club's history was the runner-up title in 2004, after winning the regular season, but then falling in the final to EC Salzburg 0: 3. In the 2007–08 season, Dornbirner stood again in the finals and claimed their first national league title in club history against EC Salzburg II. After a runner-up title in the season 2008-09, the Bulldogs were in the following 2009–10 season final to win the title in the National League again.

In the spring of 2012, the Dornbirner EC applied after a long planning phase and secure finances for inclusion in the Erste Bank Hockey League. The application was granted, which marked to first change in the EBEL since 2004 with the departure of the VEU Feldkirch Vorarlberg.[2]

Name sponsors[edit | edit source]

Dornbirner EC have had several sponsors, whose name has bore into the team's name in the course of its history. For a long time was the full name of the team TRENDamin EC Dornbirn Bulldogs. In 2005 this was shortened to EC-TREND Dornbirn, which remained the official name until 2008. In the 2009–10 season the team was called by its full name hagn_leone EC Dornbirn before reverting to Dornbirner EC . Dornbirner has always had an identifiable nickname in the Bulldogs, which has been used predominately.

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