Dee Stadium

Dee Stadium.jpg

Dee Stadium is an arena for the playing of ice hockey, located in Houghton, Michigan; it replaces, and is on the same site as, the Amphidrome, which burned down in 1927. The stadium was the former home of the Michigan Tech Huskies hockey team, before the team moved to the John Macinnes Student Ice Arena, which later became part of the Student Development Complex. (However, it continues to be a venue in Michigan Tech's Winter Carnival and the annual Parade of Nations festival.) It is the current home of the Houghton High School Gremlins hockey team.

The arena includes a museum on the history of ice hockey in Houghton and the surrounding area from the beginning, in Houghton, of professional ice hockey in the United States in 1904.

Upstairs at the Dee Stadium is the Level II skatepark. The park was originally build in 2000 and rebuilt in 2005. Besides having various ramps for skateboarding and biking they also have a stage and host concerts.

It is the third oldest indoor ice rink still in use in the world.

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