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The DEV-Pokal English:DEV Cup was an ice hockey competition that was played in 1958 as part of the Oberliga and between 1966 and 1968 as part of the Eishockey-Bundesliga. The original competition in 1958 was held by the German Ice Sports Association, from 1966 the cup was organized by the German Ice Hockey Federation founded in 1963. The old name was adopted, although the DEV had meanwhile transferred all competencies in the ice hockey sector to the DEB.


History and Mode In 1958, the DEV Cup was played between the six teams of the Oberliga that had not qualified for the final round. The first title winner was [KTSV Preussen 1855 Krefeld|Preußen Krefeld]]. In 1966, DEV-Pokal winner was determined among the participants of the relegation round. The reintroduction of the competition had been decided as part of the reform measures of the league, which should make the course of the season more exciting. Since SC Riessersee and [KTSV Preussen 1855 Krefeld|Preußen Krefeld]] were tied for first place at the end of the double round, the winner was determined in a deciding game, which SC Riessersee finally won 6-4. In the following two years, the DEV Cup winner was played between the two first-placed in the relegation rounds West and South.