The Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center, née Wasilla Multi-Use Sports Complex,[1] is a 102,000 square foot[2] multi-purpose arena in Wasilla, Alaska, that was originally projected to hold up to 5,000 people.[3] It is home to the Alaska Avalanche of the North American Hockey League, and in 2010 will be home to the Arctic Predators of the American Indoor Football Association. In 2002, Wasilla residents voted to add half a percentage point to their sales tax to fund construction of the $14.7 million facility.[2] This project was significantly delayed by an eminent domain lawsuit brought by the prior property owner, Gary Lundgren.[4]

According to Dianne M. Keller, a former mayor of Wasilla, passing the sales tax increase to build the sports complex was one of Sarah Palin's major achievements during Palin's own term as mayor of Wasilla.[5] The contract for construction was awarded to Spenard Builders Supply.[6] During the 2008 United States presidential election it was alleged that the contract had been granted in exchange for favors.[6]


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