Cornwall Royals
Cornwall royals
City: Cornwall, Ontario
League: QMJHL (1969–81)
OHL (1981–92)
Operated: 1969 (1969) to 1992
Home Arena: Cornwall Civic Complex
Colours: Blue, white and red
Franchise history
1969–92: Cornwall Royals
1992–94: Newmarket Royals
1994–present: Sarnia Sting

The Cornwall Royals were a junior team.

They started out in the early 1960's as a local junior B team. They won the Ottawa District title in 1961-62 and 1962-63.

The Royals then joined the Ottawa-Hull & District Junior League in 1963. This league became the Central Junior A Hockey League the next year. Cornwall won the league title in 1965-66, 1966-67, and 1967-68.

With three league titles under their belt, the Royals looked for new worlds to conquer, They tried to get into the Ontario Hockey Association's junior A league in 1968 but were turned down. Instead they joined the Metropolitan Montreal Junior League. This league became part of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League in 1969.

The Royals played in that league from 1969-70 through 1980-81. They won three Memorial Cups in that time, including a very rare back-to-back cups in 1980 & 1981.

They transferred to the Ontario Hockey League in 1981 as part of the rationalization of the junior leagues - a team played in its own provincial league. The move was not a financial success. The Royals had depended on a fan base from nearby areas of Quebec that had left the team when it switched leagues. They were moved to Newmarket in 1992.


Orval Tessier guided the Cornwall Royals to the Memorial Cup championship in 1972. Doug Carpenter coached the 1980 Royals, and Bob Kilger in 1981.

Marc Crawford was a former Cornwall Royals player who come back to coach. He would win the Stanley Cup coaching the Colorado Avalanche. He also coached the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings, and is currently the head coach of the Dallas Stars.

List of Coaches

(Multiple years in parentheses)

  • 1981–82 Bob Kilger
  • 1982–83 *multiple coaches
  • 1983–84 Melina Perez
  • 1984–85 Mickie James
  • 1985–86 Tony Zappia
  • 1986–89 Orval Tessier (3)
  • 1989–91 Marc Crawford (2)
  • 1991–92 John Lovell

*1982–83 coaches Bob Kilger, Bill Murphy, Gord Woods, Jocelyn Guevremont


The Cornwall Royals graduated 55 players to the National Hockey League. From these alumni, 31 played for the Royals in the QMJHL, and 29 played for the Royals in the OHL, and 5 played for the Royals in both leagues.

CHL awardsEdit

CHL Player of the Year

  • 1980–1981 Dale Hawerchuk

CHL Defenceman of the Year

  • 1989–1990 John Slaney

CHL Scholastic Player of the Year

  • 1991–1992 Nathan LaFayette

QMJHL awardsEdit

Michel Brière Commemorative Trophy
(Most Valuable Player)

  • 1973–74 Gary MacGregor
  • 1974–75 Mario Viens
  • 1980–81 Dale Hawerchuk

Guy Lafleur Trophy
(Playoffs MVP)

  • 1979–80 Dale Hawerchuk

Jean Béliveau Trophy
(Top Scorer)

  • 1980–81 Dale Hawerchuk

Instructors Trophy
(Rookie of the Year)

  • 1970–71 Bob Murphy
  • 1971–72 Bob Murray
  • 1979–80 Dale Hawerchuk

Emile Bouchard Trophy
(Defenseman of the Year)

  • 1980–81 Fred Boimistruck

Jacques Plante Commemorative Trophy
(Best Goals Against Average)

  • 1971–72 Richard Brodeur
  • 1975–76 Tim Bernhardt
  • 1976–77 Tim Bernhardt
  • 1977–78 Tim Bernhardt

Mike Bossy Trophy
(Best Professional Prospect)

  • 1980–81 Dale Hawerchuk

Frank J. Selke Commemorative Trophy
(Most Sportsmanlike Player)

  • 1971–72 Gerry Teeple
  • 1973–74 Gary MacGregor

OHL awardsEdit

Red Tilson Trophy
OHL Most valuable player.

  • 1982–1983 Doug Gilmour
  • 1985–1986 Ray Sheppard

Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy
OHL Top Point Scorer.

  • 1982–1983 Doug Gilmour
  • 1985–1986 Ray Sheppard

Jim Mahon Memorial Trophy
OHL Top Scoring Right Winger.

  • 1982–1983 Ian MacInnis
  • 1985–1986 Ray Sheppard
  • 1989–1990 Owen Nolan

Max Kaminsky Trophy
Most Outstanding Defenceman.

  • 1989–1990 John Slaney

OHL Goaltender of the Year
Voted best goaltender in the OHL.

  • 1987–1988 Rick Tabaracci

Emms Family Award
Rookie of the year.

  • 1988–1989 Owen Nolan

Bobby Smith Trophy
Scholastic player of the year.

  • 1990–1991 Nathan LaFayette
  • 1991–1992 Nathan LaFayette

Hockey Hall of Fame membersEdit

Two alumni of the Cornwall Royals have been enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The first was New York Islanders goalie Billy Smith. Smith was the inaugural goalie for the Royals in the QMJHL during the 1969–70 season. After this season he was drafted by the Los Angeles Kings.

Dale Hawerchuk is the second inductee. He led the Royals to two Memorial Cup championships in 1980 and 1981. He was drafted first overall by the Winnipeg Jets in the 1981 NHL Entry Draft

NHL alumniEdit

QMJHL (1969–1981)
OHL (1981–1992)

Season-by-Season ResultsEdit

  • 1961-62 Won Ottawa District Junior B Title & Lost Ottawa District Junior Final
  • 1962-63 Won Ottawa District Junior B Title & Lost Ottawa District Junior Final

Central Junior A Hockey League (1963-68)Edit

1963-64321614 2 34--4th Lost Semi Final
1964-65362013 3 431771103rd Lost Final
1965-6636268 2 542711381st Won Final, Lost East Quarter Final
1966-6750387 5 813371621st Won Final, Lost East Semi Final
1967-68391518 6 361861893rd Won Final, Lost East Semi Final

Metropolitan Montreal Junior League (1968-69)Edit

1968-69481827 3 39--5th Lost Quarter Final

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (1969-81)Edit

1969-70562431 1 492232552nd West Lost Quarter Final
1970-71622240 0 4426032610th out of playoffs
1971-72624713 2 963611821st Won Final, Won Memorial Cup
1972-73644319 2 883652532nd Lost Quarter Final
1973-74704622 2 944383281st West Lost Quarter Final
1974-7572362412 843222963rd West Lost Quarter Final
1975-76723924 9 873492702nd West Lost Semi Final
1976-7772382410 863452812nd Lebel Lost Semi Final
1977-78724618 81004042581st LebelLost Semi Final
1978-79722936 7 653613973rd Lebel Lost Quarter Final
1979-80724125 6 883883331st Lebel Won Final, Won Memorial Cup
1980-81724426 2 904033111st Lebel Won Final, Won Memorial Cup

Ontario Hockey League (1981-92)Edit

1981-82682835 5 613033276th Leyden Lost 1st Round
1982-83703633 1 733703355th Leyden Lost Quarter Final
1983-84703337 0 663483756th Leyden Lost 1st Round
1984-85663430 2 703553444th Leyden Lost Quarter Final
1985-86662836 2 583073565th Leyden Lost 1st Round
1986-87662340 3 492613696th Leyden Lost 1st Round
1987-88663524 7 773332553rd LeydenLost Quarter Final
1988-89663130 5 673503084th Leyden Lost Semi Final
1989-90662438 4 523093616th Leyden Lost 1st Round
1990-91662342 1 472813357th Leyden out of playoffs
1991-92663822 6 823282893rd Leyden Lost 1st Round
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