Collingwood Ice
Collingwood Ice Logo.jpg
City: Collingwood, Ontario
League: Canadian International Hockey League & World United Hockey League
Founded: 2014
Home Arena: Eddie Bush Memorial Arena
Colors: Pale Blue, white, Royal Blue
Owner(s): Tim Dickieson
General Manager: Tim Dickieson
Head Coach: Hans King
Franchise history
2014-2015: Collingwood Ice

History[edit | edit source]

The Collingwood Ice were a hockey team that started out in the Canadian International Hockey League for the 2014-15 season and jumped to the World United Hockey League in November 2014 along with several other members of the CIHL.

The league withdrew from the AAU/UHU on November 10, 2014. In the internet article the league stated that the departure was over the need for additional insurance required for US players playing in Canada and Canadian players playing in the US. The league also stated that the AAU was preventing the league from expanding it playing area of Southern Ontario to include areas in Michigan and other areas south of the Great Lakes. The league announced that they purchased additional insurance for the players from a different source. The same release announced the immediate addition of the Michigan-based Kalkaska Rhinos. The league release stated that the league and its members will be under the sanction of the Canadian International Amateur Hockey Federation. The Collingwood Ice, Milton Cobras, and Toronto Hockey Academy left the Canadian International Hockey League mid-November to pursue their own interests. They were joined by a newly formed team called the St. Charles NorthStars which came from the ashes of the CIHL's folded St. Charles Spirit.

The team folded in January 2015 citing a lack of local support.

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