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St. Joseph's University was located in Memramcook, New Brunswick. It was a small French language institution. It entered teams in university and senior leagues from 1933-34 to 1956-57 (at least). It is now part of the University of Moncton.


In 1864, two years after the closing of the Séminaire Saint-Thomas de Memramcook, Father Camille Lefebvre of the Congrégation de Sainte-Croix founded Collège Saint-Joseph on a piece of property bequeathed to him by Father François-Xavier LaFrance. A few students began to take courses in October. The college offered a bilingual education, as the Bishop of Saint John, Msgr. Sweeney, was concerned about the education of young Irish Catholics. In 1868, the provincial government gave the college permission to award degrees and in 1888, granted it university status. The number of university students continued to climb until 1932, and the administration was obliged to construct a new building to accommodate them. Another building was constructed in 1896 in memory of Father Lefebvre, who had died the previous year.

On October 20, 1933, the Université de Memramcook burned down, and classes were temporarily transferred to Moncton while the college was being rebuilt, a process that was completed in 1934. Classes resumed in Memramcook. In 1942, the institution reviewed several programs of study and set up some new programs that further strengthened its academic vocation. Around this time, several other colleges became affiliated with Université Saint-Joseph - Collège Notre-Dame d'Acadie in Moncton, Collège l'Assomption and Séminaire Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours.

In 1953, Université Saint-Joseph moved some of its staff to Moncton. Following the recommendations made in the Deutsch Report, Université Saint-Joseph took the name of college again, leaving the way clear for the newly created Université de Moncton to become the only French-language university in New Brunswick. The two institutions maintained extremely close links throughout their coexistence. In 1965, the whole college moved onto the Université de Moncton campus and in 1972, Collège Saint-Joseph closed for good, leaving its teaching responsibilities to the faculty of arts at the Université de Moncton.


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1933-34 MIAA Season
1934-35 MIAA Season
1935-36 MIAA Season *divisional results not available
1936-37 MIAA Season *divisional results not available
1937-38 MIAA Season *divisional results not available
1938-39 to 1944-45: no results
1945-46 MIAA Season

Senior Season-by-Season Record[]

Season GP W L T GF GA P Position Playoffs
1945-46 Central Section - - - - - - - - Won Championship
1945-46 Maritimes Senior Playoffs 2 0 2 0 10 23 0 - Lost Northern Section Semi Final
1946-47 Central Section - - - - - - - - Won Championship
1946-47 Maritimes Senior Playoffs 4 1 2 1 16 21 3 - Lost Maritimes Semi Final
1947-48 Central Section - - - - - - - - Lost Semi Final
1948-49 Central Section 6 0 6 0 0 24 63 4th Lost Semi Final
1952-53 Central Section - - - - - - - - Lost Semi Final
1953-54 Central Section 8 1 7 0 32 73 4 3rd Lost Semi Final
1956-57 Central Section 8 2 5 1 49 69 10 4th Lost Semi Final


  1. a January 16, 1949 game ended in regulation tie 5-5. CSJ refused to play overtime and the game was forfeited to the Amherst Ramblers.
  2. The team played fewer games than the other members of the league for the 1956-57 season, so some games were worth 4 points.


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