Cleveland Flag

The Cleveland, Ohio flag.

Cleveland is located in northern Ohio and is the largest city in the state. It has a population of about 478,000 and a metropolitan area of about 2,250,000 people.

Cleveland Hosted the first ever AHL All-Star game on February 3, 1942.


  1. (International-American Hockey League, 1937-1940) league renamed AHL
  2. (American Hockey League, 1940-1973) became to Jacksonville Barons mid-season
  1. (International Hockey League, 1934-1936) join International-American Hockey League
  2. (International-American Hockey League, 1936-1937) renamed Barons
  1. Central States Hockey League, 1998-2010) league renamed NA3HL
  2. (NA3HL, 2010-Present)



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