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A montage of Cincinnati.

Cincinnati is a city in southern Ohio, just across the river from Kentucky.

It has a population of about 330,000 and a metro population of about 2,200,000.


  1. East Coast Hockey League (1990-1992) moved to Birmingham, Alabama
  2. International Hockey League (1992-2001) fold with league June 4, 2001
  3. East Coast Hockey League (2001-2003) league renamed ECHL
  4. ECHL (2003-2004) granted voluntary suspension, return 2006
  5. ECHL (2006-Present)
  1. (American Hockey League, 1949-1952) transfer to International Hockey League
  2. (International Hockey League, 1952-1958) folded

  • Cincinnati Stache
Midwest Junior Hockey League (2012-2012) fold before play
World Hockey Association (1975-1979) paid to disband when league merges with National Hockey League
Central Hockey League (1979-1979) folded December 1979

American Hockey League (1971-1974) ceased operations when city gets World Hockey Association franchise (Stingers)

Central Hockey League (1981-1982) folded
Central Professional Hockey League (1963-1964) moved to Memphis
Central States Hockey League (2007-2010) league renamed NA3HL
    • Queen City Storm Played in suburban Evendale, while offices were located in Sharonville
All American Hockey League (2010-January 2011) folded


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