The Chilean National Team represents Chile in international competitions. Following Argentina and Brazil, Chile became the third IIHF member from South America in 2000. But the country has yet to appear in an IIHF ice hockey event.

From 2000 until 2002 Chile competed in the IIHF Inline Hockey World Championship but after a traffic accident involving the national team it has never attempted to qualify for the event anymore.

Although there are recreational ice rinks in the Chilean capital of Santiago there hasn’t been organized ice hockey there.

However, if you go further south – much further – you will get a different picture. Punta Arenas is the capital of Chile’s southernmost region, Magellan and Chilean Antarctica. The region is an important point to reach Antarctica. 130,000 people live in the city founded in 1848. The rough climate makes the region perfect for winter sports. Many ski and snowboard enthusiasts from the northern hemisphere travel to the southern part of Chile and Argentina between June and August when it’s cold there.

Now ice hockey is on the map too since the city got its new ice rink.

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