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Chicoutimi Saguenéens
Saguen e2
City: Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
League: Quebec Major Junior Hockey League
Division: East
Founded: 1973
Home Arena: Centre Georges-Vézina
Colors: Navy blue, baby blue, and white
General Manager: Yanick Jean
Head Coach: Yanick Jean
Franchise history
1973-Present: Chicoutimi Sagueneens
Division Championships: 1988, 1991, 1994. 2002,

The Chicoutimi Saguenéens are a hockey club of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Founded in 1973, they are one of the oldest franchise of the league. Based in Chicoutimi, Quebec, they play their home games at the Centre Georges-Vézina. The team's main rivals are the Quebec Remparts. The team's president is Guy Carbonneau.

They were named best Canadian Hockey League club of the year 2005.


Bobby Nadeau

Bobby Nadeau guarding the Sags' net in a game against archrivals Quebec Remparts in 2006.

In 1972, a group of people wanting to grant Chicoutimi it's QMJHL franchise applied to the league to get an expansion team. It's shareholders (Gilles Tremblay, Gaston Sénéchal, Jean-Marc Caron, Jean-Marc Lavoie, Roland Hébert, Denis Cantin, Jacques Gagnon, Georges Quenneville, Jules Bouchard et Dan Walker) knew it was a big challenge, but that the rewards would be substantial. Finally, along with the Hull Festivals (today the Olympiques), the Sags were set to begin playing.

The Sags played their inaugural game on September 30th 1973, losing 7-2 against the Montreal Junior in front of over 6000 people. Ironically, the first ever goal of the concession was scored by Marc Desforges, who is today one of the team's shareholders.

The team was sold a few times over the years. In the middle of the 1980s, the city of Chicoutimi was more or less in control of the franchise, but choose to get rid of it - that's how the team became the property of the Corporation de Développement économique de Chicoutimi. Two years later, the team was sold to Cegerco, Multisoda and Autocar Jasmin. On May 28th 1993, the team is once again sold, this time to Yvon Bouchard, Benoit Boulianne et Marc Tremblay. The latter came very close to have the team moved out of Saguenay.

On december 28th 1998, Tremblay traded away Ramzi Abid, Mathieu Benoit and Marc Bouchard, as well as two other players in return of some younger players in development. It meant three years of misery, during which rumours of the team being moved were common. Thankfully, a group led by Guy Carbonneau bought the team in 2000. As moving had become almost unavoidable, the former number 21 came and saved the day.

All-time season-by-season standingsEdit

Saguen e2
Saguenéens' season-by-season record
Season Games Won Lost Tied OL SL Points Pct % Goals
1973-747021490 - -420.3002694575th East
1974-757224426 - -540.3753154203rd East
1975-7672293112 - -700.4863533723rd East
1976-777242246 - -900.6253933572nd Dilio
1977-7872164511 - -430.2993354584th Dilio
1978-7972263610 - -620.4313373464th Dilio
1979-807242273 - -870.6044423472nd Dilio
1980-817241301 - -830.5763893642nd Dilio
1981-826431312 - -640.5002963106th QMJHL
1982-837037321 - -750.5363973882nd Dilio
1983-847030382 - -620.4433033824th Dilio
1984-856841234 - -890.6323342882nd Dilio
1985-867234344 - -720.5003933513rd Dilio
1986-877037285 - -790.5644113533rd Dilio
1987-887038311 - -770.5503523181st Dilio
1988-897032371 - -650.4643353489th QMJHL
1989-907034333 - -710.5072802978th QMJHL
1990-917043216 - -920.6572992231st Dilio
1991-927031336 - -680.4862793043rd Dilio
1992-937038293 - -790.5643423213rd Dilio
1993-947243245 - -910.6323402541st Dilio
1994-957238295 - -810.5622902693rd Dilio
1995-967035296 - -760.5432742422nd Dilio
1996-977037303 - -770.5502712224th Dilio
1997-987036331 - -730.5212722853rd Dilio
1998–997020482 - -420.3002003448th Dilio
1999–0072224433 -500.3262263204th East
2000–01722239101 -550.3752423133rd East
2001–0272402714 -850.5622782691st East
2002–0372284013 -600.3962392923rd East
2003–0470322774 -750.5072182202nd East
2004–0570381967 -890.5862642172nd East
2005–06705115 -221060.7503211852nd West
2006–07703428 -71760.5432352368th Telus
2007–08703725 -26820.5292352034th Telus
2008-09682432 -48600.3532152563rd East
2009-10431619 -44400.3721291663rd East
2010–11682729 -57660.4851972205th East
2011–12683524 -36790.5812352325th East
2012–13683031 -25670.4931982255th East
2013-14682740 -10550.4041832545th East
2014-15682932 -43650.4782032385th East
2015-16683225 -56750.5512232173rd Telus East
2016-17683825 -22810.5962062052nd Telus East
2017-18682835 -41610.4492002335th Telus East
2018-19683922 -34850.6252182363rd East

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Former HeadcoachesEdit

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