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Charlottetown Civic Centre

Charlottetown is a city of about 32,000 in central Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is the capital of that province.


  • Charlottetown (original municipality)
  • Brighton
  • Highfield
  • Spring Park
  • Parkdale
  • Sherwood
  • East Royalty (including Hillsborough Park)
  • West Royalty
  • Winsloe


  1. (Island Junior Hockey League, 1973-1977) merged with Generals, renamed Eagles+
  2. (Island Junior Hockey League,1986-1991) join MJAHL
  3. (Maritime Junior A Hockey League, 1991-1994) sit out 1 year
  4. (Maritime Junior A Hockey League, 1995-2008) withdrew then folded
  1. (Northern Senior Hockey League, 1931-1932) join Maritime Senior Hockey League
  2. (Maritime Senior Hockey League, 1932-1934) league becomes Maritme Mechantile League
  3. (Maritme Mechantile League, 1934-1935) rejoin MSHL when league folds January 7, 1935
  4. (Maritime Senior Hockey League, 1935-1935) fold with league
  1. (Maritime Senior Hockey League, 1950-1951) join Maritime Major Hockey League
  2. (Maritime Major Hockey League, 1951-1954) join Atlantic Coast Senior League
  3. (Atlantic Coast Senior Hockey League, 1954-1955)
  4. (Maritime Junior A Hockey League, 1968-1971) stay with league at lower level
  5. (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, 2013-Present)
  1. (New Brunswick Intermediate Hockey League, 1971-1973)
  2. (Southeastern New Brunswick Hockey League, 1978-1979)

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