The Central Region is an designation used by Hockey Canada in qualifying for several of its tournaments under its authority.

It contains the province of Ontario. Due to it containing such a large percentage of the nations population it is given its own region in qualifying for national tournaments.

It is used for the following tournaments:

  • Allan Cup (Canadian Men's Senior AAA Championship)
  • Centennial Cup (Canadian Junior A Championship)(Atlantic and Eastern Regions are combined)
  • Esso Cup (Canadian Women's Midget AAA Championship)
  • Telus Cup (Canadian Men's Midget AAA Championship).

Hockey in the province of Ontario has been broken up into several regions:

Ontario Hockey Federation is made up of Hockey Eastern Ontario and the Ontario Hockey Association.

Hockey Eastern Ontario over sees "that part of Ontario lying east of and including the counties of Lanark, Renfrew, and all of Leeds, (except the town of Gananoque and the portion of Highway No. 32 and south of Highway No. 15 in the Province of Ontario, which play under the sanction of the Ontario Hockey Association) and that part of Quebec including the provincial counties of Pontiac, Hull, Gatineau and Papineau." The league was renamed from the Ottawa District Hockey Association in the summer of 2013.

The Northern Ontario Hockey Association had its jurisdiction which included Ontario roughly north of a line just south of North Bay and west of a line west of Pembroke. In the west it extended to Sault Ste. Marie. It previously included the areas in an around Rouyn and Noranda in northwest [[Quebec

Hockey Northwestern Ontario used to be known as the Thunder Bay Amateur Hockey Association until 1999. It over sees the area roughly from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to the Manitoba border.

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