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This article is about the senior level hockey league which played during the 1896-97 season. For the forerunner of Hockey Eastern Ontario please see Central Canada Hockey Association (governing body)

The Central Canada Hockey Association was formed by the Ottawa Capitals in 1896-97. They were joined in the league by the Brockville Hockey Club and the Cornwall Hockey Club.

The league was in direct competition with the senior level of the Ottawa City Hockey League (OCHL) which had been organized in 1890 by the Ottawa Hockey Association (owners of the Ottawa Hockey Club).

After winning the CCHA championship in 1897, the Capitals challenged the Montreal Victorias for the Stanley Cup, but abandoned their challenge after only one game of a projected best-of-three, after losing 15-2. The club then joined the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) intermediate division and won the 1898 intermediate championship.


Team Location Arena Tenure Notes
Brockville Hockey Club Brockville, Ontario Murray's Rink 1896-1897 join OHA Sr League for 1897-1898
Cornwall Hockey Club Cornwall, Ontario Victoria Rink (Cornwall) 1896-1897 join OHA Sr League for 1897-1898
Ottawa Capitals Ottawa, Ontario Dey's Arena 1896-1897 join Amateur Hockey Association of Canada's Intermediate League for 1897-1898

Regular season

  • 1/16: Cornwall - Ottawa 6:5
  • 1/23: Cornwall - Brockville 2:1
  • 1/27: Brockville - Ottawa 4:1
  • 2/3: Ottawa - Brockville 11:1
  • 2/26: Brockville - Cornwall 6:2
  • 2/27: Ottawa - Cornwall 13:2
Team Games Played Wins Losses Ties Points
Ottawa Capitals 4 2 2 0 4
Brockville Hockey Club 4 2 2 0 4
Cornwall Hockey Club 4 2 2 0 4


  • 3/13: Cornwall - Brockville Forfeit
  • 3/17: Ottawa - Cornwall 3:2

The Capitals won a playoff series to break the three-way tie and win the league title.


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