Carleton Place Arena

Carleton Place Arena

Carleton Place is a town of about 10,000 people in eastern Ontario, Canada 50 kilometers west of Ottawa. It is in the Ottawa District Hockey Association.


  • Carleton Place
  1. (Ottawa Valley Senior League, 1898-1901) withdrew early in 1901-1902 season
  2. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1908-1909)
  3. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1910-1911)
  4. (Interprovincial Hockey Union, 1912-1914) join UOVL
  5. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1914-1916) go on hiatus due to First World War
  6. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1919-1923) join Rideau Group
  7. (Rideau Group, 1923-1926) join UOVL
  8. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1926-1934) join Rideau Group
  9. (Rideau Group, 1934-1936) join UOVL as Red Wings
  10. (Ottawa Valley Senior League, 1963-1964)
  1. (Central Junior Hockey League, 2009-2010) join CCHL
  2. (Central Canada Hockey League, 2010-Present)
  1. (Renfrew-Lenark Junior C Hockey League, 1969-1971?)
  2. (Rideau-St. Lawrence Junior B Hockey League, 1971-2007) join EOJBHL
  3. (Eastern Ontario Junior B Hockey League, 2007-2009) renamed Canadians when granted expansion franchise in CJHL
  1. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1936-1941)
  2. (Rideau Group,1945-1946)
  3. (Rideau Group, 1950-1951)



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