History[edit | edit source]

The Cape Breton Junior B Hockey League, also known as the Eastern Junior B Hockey League operated in and around Cape Breton Island in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Cape Breton would have its' own Junior "A" level league from 1975 to 1978 when the Maritime Amateur Hockey Association allowed the Eastern Junior Hockey League to play at the Junior A level, the league would last from 1975-76 to 1979-80.  When that league originally jumped to Junior A the Port Hawkesbury Pirates and the Antigonish Bulldogs stayed at the Junior B level and joined the CBJBHL.  When the EJHL was demoted to Junior B in 1980 it merged with the Northumberland Junior B Hockey League.  That league would fold  and its remaining teams were merged into the CBJBHL in 1986

The league would fold in 1992 and the then Mainland Junior B Hockey League took in the Cape Breton Junior Mills and the Port Hawkesbury Pirates and that league would be renamed the Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League and eventually be renamed the Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League in 2006.

Champions[edit | edit source]

  • 1968: Glace Bay-Sydney Metro Bees
  • 1969: Strait Pirates
  • 1970: Glace Bay-Sydney Metro Bees
  • 1971: unknown
  • 1972: Glace Bay-Sydney Metro Bees
  • 1973: Strait Pirates
  • 1974: Sydney Millionaires
  • 1975: Sydney Millionaires
  • 1988: Sydney Millionaires
  • 1989: Sydney Millionaires (other teams: Strait Pirates, Glace Bay Wings, Baddeck Bobcats, County Blues
  • 1990: Sydney Millionaires (other teams: Strait Pirates, Dominion Flyers)
  • 1991: Sydney Millionaires (other teams: Strait Pirates, Glace Bay Wings, Cheticamp Merchants - senior team that only played in RS)

List of Seasons[edit | edit source]

I found information in an article in the Cape Breton Post on the 1967-68 season of a league (and the Port Hawkesbury Strait Pirates) with this name.  The article mentioned member teams of the league on this season as being the Glace Bay Miners, North Sydney Victorias, Port Hawkesbury Strait Pirates, and Sydney Bombers. The league may have gone by the name during this season of Northumberland Junior B Hockey League as the name of the league changed when it had teams from mainland Nova Scotia as members.

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