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The '''Canadian Hockey League''' is an organization made up of three [[Canadian]] [[Major Junior "A"]] Tier I [[ice hockey]] leagues, for players between 15 and 20 years old.
<center>'''[[Canadian Major Junior|Canadian Major Junior Outline]]'''</center>
{{Infobox sports league
| logo = Canadian Hockey League Logo.png
| pixels = 200px
| caption = Canadian Hockey League
| sport = [[Ice hockey]]
| founded = 1975
| motto =
| teams = 60
| country = {{CAN}}<br>{{USA}}
| champion = [[Windsor Spitfires]]
| folded =
| website = [http://www.chl.ca/ www.chl.ca]
The '''Canadian Hockey League''' is the governing body for Major Junior Hockey in Canada. The CHL was founded in 1975 as the '''Canadian Major Junior Hockey League''', and is composed of its three member leagues, the [[Ontario Hockey League]], [[Quebec Major Junior Hockey League]] and [[Western Hockey League]]. Its three leagues and 60 teams represent nine Canadian provinces as well as five [[United States|American]] states.
It's three member leagues are the '''[[Quebec Major Junior Hockey League]]''', the '''[[Ontario Hockey League]]''' and the '''[[Western Hockey League]]'''. While all of the three leagues hold their activities independently, the champions of each league meet in the [[Memorial Cup]] tournament every spring to find a Canadian champion team; other activities held with the participation of all three leagues together are the [[Top Prospects Game]] and the [[ADT Canada-Russia Challange]].
The CHL schedule culminates in the [[Memorial Cup]] tournament, which sees each of the three league champions, as well as a host team, play a round-robin tournament to determine a national champion. The CHL also hosts the [[CHL Top Prospects Game]], for the top [[NHL Entry Draft|draft eligible]] players in the league, as well as the [[Subway Super Series]], a six-game all-star exhibition series against a team of [[Russian]] juniors.
The Canadian Hockey League (CHL) is the governing body for [[junior hockey|Major Junior Hockey]] (formerly known as Tier One Junior A) in Canada. Its precursor was the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA). The CHL currently oversees the [[Western Hockey League]] (WHL), the [[Ontario Hockey League]] (OHL) and the [[Quebec Major Junior Hockey League]] (QMJHL). All three leagues have teams in both Canada and the United States. Each league plays individual regular season schedules, and playoffs. The annual CHL championship is determined by the [[Memorial Cup]] tournament held in May.
The CHL's leagues are basically developement leagues for the [[National Hockey League]], and are considered the top junior hockey leagues.
More than half the players in the National Hockey League for the [[2005–06 NHL season]] had played in the CHL. The CHL is generally considered the world's top professional development junior hockey league. It is a key supplier of new players and officials for the many North American professional hockey leagues, such as the [[National Hockey League]], [[American Hockey League]], [[ECHL]], [[International Hockey League (2007-)|International Hockey League]] and the [[Central Hockey League]]. Many CHL players also opt for [[Canadian Interuniversity Sport]] (CIS).
The CHL also seeks to raise the profile of the junior game by hosting annual events such as the Memorial Cup, US history Test's, [[CHL Top Prospects Game]] and the [[ADT Canada-Russia Challenge]]. The organization also provides many scholarships and bursaries for its players who exemplify extraordinary efforts and community involvement. These programs are supported by the many corporate sponsors.
==Annual events==
===The MasterCard Memorial Cup===
The [[Memorial Cup]] Tournament is the championship of Junior Canadian hockey. Each year it features the champions from the ([[Western Hockey League|WHL]], [[Ontario Hockey League|OHL]], [[Quebec Major Junior Hockey League|QMJHL]]) and the host CHL team. The host team changes from year to year, and is selected by a bidding process prior to the start of each season. The annual event is one of the biggest sporting events in North America, attracting thousands of spectators and generating increasing revenue for both the CHL teams and the host city. MasterCard is the official sponsor of the championship.
File:2007_Memorial_Cup_celebration.JPG|Memorial Cup celebration
File:2007_Memorial_Cup_towels.jpg|Memorial Cup
File:2007_Memorial_Cup_warmup.JPG|Memorial Cup warmup
===CHL Top Prospects Game===
The [[CHL Top Prospects Game]] is an annual event sponsored by Home Hardware and hosted by the CHL in which 40 of the top ''[[NHL Entry Draft]] eligible'' prospects in the Canadian Hockey League play against each other much like an all-star game. Each draft prospect hopes to boost their draft ranking with the NHL scouts and general managers who attend. The players are typically coached by a pair of hockey celebrities, usually [[Don Cherry (ice hockey)|Don Cherry]] and [[Bobby Orr]]. The event has been held annually since 1992. From 1992 to 1995 the event was known as the CHL All-Star Challenge and usually pitted one of the CHL's leagues against the other two.
===Canada-Russia Super Series===
The CHL hosts annually, the [[Subway Super Series]], sponsored by Subway to showcase Canadian junior talent versus Russian junior talent. Each year a Russian junior team plays 6 games in total in Canada, two games against each CHL member league (WHL, OHL, QMJHL).
The OHL has yet to lose a game.
===CHL Import Draft===
Each year, every team in the CHL has the option to chose up to 2 players from outside North America to add to its roster. Picks are chosen in reverse order of the team's standings in the CHL. The Import Draft is seen as a way to raise the level of competition in the CHL, as well as to broaden its fan base while retaining high North American content.
==CHL awards==
| valign="top" |
''List of annual awards given by the CHL'':
* [[Brian Kilrea Coach of the Year Award]]
* [[CHL Defenceman of the Year]]
* [[CHL Goaltender of the Year]]
* [[CHL Humanitarian of the Year]]
* [[CHL Player of the Year]]
* [[CHL Rookie of the Year]]
* [[CHL Scholastic Player of the Year]]
* [[CHL Sportsman of the Year]]
* [[CHL Top Draft Prospect Award]]
* [[CHL Top Scorer Award]]
| valign="top" |
''Memorial Cup Awards'':
* [[Ed Chynoweth Trophy]]
* [[George Parsons Trophy]]
* [[Hap Emms Memorial Trophy]]
* [[Stafford Smythe Memorial Trophy]]
File:Brian_Kilrea_Trophy.JPG|Brian Kilrea Trophy
File:CHL_DOY_award.JPG|CHL Draft of Year
File:CHL_Goaltender_of_the_Year.jpg|CHL Goaltender of the Year
File:CHL_Player_of_the_Year.jpg|CHL Player of the Year
File:CHL_Rookie_of_the_Year.jpg|CHL Rookie of the Year
File:CHL_Sportsman_of_the_Year.jpg|CHL Sportsman of the Year
File:Stafford_Smythe_Memorial_Trophy.jpg|Stafford Smythe Memorial Trophy
The league comprises 60 teams located in nine [[Canadian]] provinces and five [[United States|American]] states. For lists of teams see the articles about each member league. In 2008, the [[St. John's Fog Devils]] moved to [[Montreal]], becoming the [[Montreal Junior Hockey Club]], and left [[Newfoundland and Labrador]] as the only province without a team. The newest team is the [[Edmonton Oil Kings]] of the WHL, which began play in the 2007–08 season.
* The [[Western Hockey League]], with 22 teams in [[British Columbia]], [[Alberta]], [[Saskatchewan]], [[Manitoba]], [[Washington (U.S. state)|Washington]], and [[Oregon]].
* The [[Ontario Hockey League]], with 20 teams in [[Ontario]], [[Michigan]], and [[Pennsylvania]].
* The [[Quebec Major Junior Hockey League]], with 18 teams in [[Quebec]], [[New Brunswick]], [[Nova Scotia]], [[Prince Edward Island]], and [[Maine]].
Top CHL teams by average attendance, 2009–10 regular season. Teams with an average attendance over 6,000 shown.<ref>[http://www.mib.org/~lennier/hockey/leagueatt.cgi League Attendance Report<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
{| cellpadding="4" cellspacing="4"
| 1. || [[Quebec Remparts]] || (QMJHL) || 12,089.5
| 2. || [[London Knights]] || (OHL) || 9,015.4
| 3. || [[Calgary Hitmen]] || (WHL) || 8,478.4
| 4. || [[Ottawa 67's]] || (OHL) || 7,499.4
| 5. || [[Vancouver Giants]] || (WHL) || 7,117.4
| 6. || [[Spokane Chiefs]] || (WHL) || 6,452.6
| 7. || [[Windsor Spitfires]] || (OHL) || 6,278.3
| 8. || [[Kitchener Rangers]] || (OHL) || 6,263.9
| 9. || [[Kelowna Rockets]] || (WHL) || 6,130.6
| 10. || [[Everett Silvertips]] || (WHL) || 5,700.8
==See also==
* [http://www.chl.ca/ Canadian Hockey League] Official web site
* [http://www.ontariohockeyleague.com/hm/ Ontario Hockey League] Official web site
* [http://www.lhjmq.qc.ca/lang_en/index.php Quebec Major Junior Hockey League] Official web site
* [http://www.whl.ca/hm/ Western Hockey League] Official web site
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