The Canadian Hockey Association was a professional league. It was founded in 1909 as the result of a dispute within the Eastern Canada Hockey Association, but was the loser of the dispute. The league survived only a few weeks of play in January 1910 before teams left the league, causing its dissolution. The league held the Stanley Cup as the reigning champion Ottawa Hockey Club was a founding member of the league.


The CHA was formed by three teams from the Eastern Canada Hockey Association: Ottawa, Quebec, and the Montreal Shamrocks. They wanted to form a new league after the Montreal Wanderers of the ECHA were sold to new owners that wanted to move the club to the smaller Jubilee Arena. The CHA rejected applications from Wanderers and other teams who then formed their own league, the National Hockey Association (NHA). New teams in the league were All-Montreal, organized by former Wanderers captain Art Ross, and the francophone Montreal Le National.

The backers of the NHA included some very successful businessmen who had much deeper pockets than the CHA owners. The CHA folded on January 15, 1910, after only a handful of games were played. Ottawa and the Shamrocks were immediately absorbed into the NHA, while Quebec joined the league for the 1910–11 season.

During its brief season, the Ottawa Senators won a Stanley Cup challenge against Galt, champions of the Ontario Professional Hockey League(OPHL). For this, and a challenge during the NHA season, the Senators are considered co-champions of the Stanley Cup in 1910.


Team Location Arena Tenure Notes
All Montreal Montreal, Quebec Westmount Arena 1909-1910 fold
Montreal Le National Montreal, Quebec Victoria Rink ? 1909-1910 join Montreal City Hockey League
Montreal Shamrocks Montreal, Quebec Victoria Rink 1909-1910 join National Hockey Association
Ottawa HC Ottawa, Ontario Dey's Arena 1909-1910 join National Hockey Association
Quebec HC Quebec City, Quebec Quebec Skating Rink 1909-1910 sit out 1910 season; join National Hockey Association for 1910-11 season

Season summaryEdit

Play started on December 30. After a few games it was clear that fan interest was not there as only 800 fans were recorded for the game between the Nationals and the Shamrocks.

Month Day Visitor Score Home Score
Dec. 30 All-Montreal7Le National2
Jan. 1 Quebec 7 Shamrocks 6
4 Shamrocks 6 All-Montreal 3
8 All-Montreal 5 Quebec 1
8 Ottawa 14 Le National 4
11 Le National 8 Shamrocks 17
13 Ottawa 15 All-Montreal 5
15 Le National 11 Quebec 12

A meeting with the NHA on January 15, 1910 was planned to consider amalgamation with the CHA, but amalgamation was not discussed. Instead the NHA admitted Ottawa and the Shamrocks. The Le National were offered the franchise of Les Canadiens, but declined. No invitation was offered to All-Montreal and Quebec. The CHA ceased operations.

Stanley Cup ChallengesEdit

During the CHA season, Ottawa as Cup champion played one challenge in addition to their regular schedule:

Ottawa vs. GaltEdit

Ottawa played a two-game total goals series against Galt, Ontario, champions of the Ontario Professional Hockey League and prevailed with 12–3 and 3–1 victories. Marty Walsh led Ottawa with 6 goals.

Date Winning Team Score Losing Team Location
January 5, 1910Ottawa Hockey Club12–3GaltThe Arena
January 7, 1910Ottawa Hockey Club3–1Galt
Ottawa wins total goals series 15 goals to 4
January 5
Galt 3 at Ottawa 12
Lehman G LeSueur
Charlton P Lake 1
Murphy CP Mallen, K.
Manson 2 F Stuart 2
Mallen, J. 2 F Walsh 6
Dusome F Shore 2
Doherty 1 F Ridpath 1
Referee - R. Bowie
January 7
Galt 1 at Ottawa 3
Lehman G LeSueur
Charlton 1 P Lake 1
Murphy CP Shore
Cochrane F Stuart 1
Mallen, J. F Walsh
Dusome F Kerr
Doherty F Ridpath 1
Referee - Patrick & Spittal

Ottawa Hockey Club, January 1910 Stanley Cup ChampionsEdit



  • Thomas D'arcy McGee (President)†, Llewellyn Bates (Vice President)†
  • Pete Green (Coach)†, Patrick Basketville (Treasurer)†
  • Martin Rosenthal (Secretary)†, Mac McGilton (Trainer)†
  • Charles Sparks†, Charles Bryson†, Dave Mulligan† (Directors)
  • Perciville Buttler†, Charles Irvin† (Directors)

†known non-playing members of 1910 Ottawa Hockey Club. No team picture of Ottawa in 1910 has been found.

Stanley Cup Engraving

Ottawa engraved "Ottawa 1910" and "OTTAWA vs GALT/OTTAWA vs EDMONTON".

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