The Calgary Monarchs were a senior, intermediate, and junior team.

The senior team played in 1914-15.

The intermediate team played in 1930-31 and 1931-32.

The junior team won the Calgary City Junior League in 1919-20 and the 1919-20 Alberta Junior Playoffs. They then went on to lose the final in the 1919-20 Western Canada Memorial Cup Playoffs.

1919-20 Calgary Monarchs

The Roster of the 1919-20 Monarchs:

  • Goalie: Cecil 'Tiny' Thompson
  • Defence: 'Moose' Mac Edwards
  • Defence: Neil Carr
  • Centre: Mooch Elliott
  • Right Wing: F.K. 'Toole' Timmins
  • Left WIng: Stan Curtis
  • Rover: Arnold 'Red' Scott
  • Sub: Aaron Wolf
  • Sub: J.F. Lawther
  • Sub: Archie McTeer
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