The Calgary Junior "C" League is run out of the different city centers in Calgary. The champion and two runners-up compete against the top three teams of the Noralta Junior Hockey League for the Provincial Junior "C" Title. A reorganization of boundaries saw the Blackfoot and Seven Clubs associations joined with the Blackfoot Chiefs name, and Glenlake and Elbow Park merged into a new organization. The Calgary Saints and the Properties Sports Association merged in 2012 to form the Saints


Team Centre Arena(s)
Airdrie Dragons Airdrie Ron Ebbesen Arena
Blackfoot Chiefs Calgary East Calgary Twin Arena &
Stew Hendry/Henry Viney Arena
Chestermere Lakers Chestermere Chestermere Regional Community Association (Red Rink)
McKnght Mustangs McKnight (Calgary) Huntington Hills Community Association Arena
Simons Valley Storm Calgary Vivo-West
Southside Thunder Calgary

Great Plains Rink, Max Bell Centre,
Village Square Leisure Centre, and Stu Peppard Arena

Southwest Cougars Calgary Great Plains Rink, George Blundun Arena
and Stu Peppard Arena
Springbank Rockies Calgary Springbank Arena
Trails West Wolves Calgary Shouldice, Max Bell Centre,
Rose Kohn Arena and Stu Peppard Arena

Former/Inactive Teams Edit


Season Champion(s)
1988-89 CalJCHL Season Seven Clubs
1989-90 CalJCHL Season Seven Clubs
1990-91 CalJCHL Season Midnapore Mavericks
1991-92 CalJCHL Season  ?
1992-93 CalJCHL Season  ?
1993-94 CalJCHL Season Seven Clubs
1994-95 CalJCHL Season Glenlake
1995-96 CalJCHL Season Calgary North Central
1996-97 CalJCHL Season Calgary North Central
1997-98 CalJCHL Season Crowchild Blackhawks
1998-99 CalJCHL Season Calgary North Central
1999-00 CalJCHL Season Southside A
2000-01 CalJCHL Season Properties
2001-02 CalJCHL Season Airdrie Dragons
2002-03 CalJCHL Season Airdrie Dragons
2003-04 CalJCHL Season Springbank Rockies
2004-05 CalJCHL Season Foothills: Blackfoot Chiefs
Prairie: Seven Clubs
2005-06 CalJCHL Season Foothills: Springbank Rockies
Prairie: Seven Clubs
2006-07 CalJCHL Season Springbank Rockies
2007-08 CalJCHL Season Southside Thunder
2008-09 CalJCHL Season Crowchild Blackhawks
2009-10 CalJCHL Season Crowchild Blackhawks
2010-11 CalJCHL Season Springbank Rockies
2011-12 CalJCHL Season Springbank Rockies
2012-13 CalJCHL Season Springbank Rockies
2013-14 CalJCHL Season Springbank Rockies
2014-15 CalJCHL Season North West Warriors Wolf Pack
2015-16 CalJCHL Season Springbank Rockies
2016-17 CalJCHL Season Trails West Wolves
2017-18 CalJCHL Season Springbank Rockies
2018-19 CalJCHL Season Springbank Rockies