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A view of Burlington.

Burlington is a city of over 160,000 people in Ontario, Canada. It is located at the western end of Lake Ontario just to the north of Hamilton.


  1. (Central Ontario Junior A Hockey League, 1992-1993) to OPJHL
  2. (Ontario Provincial Junior Hockey League, 1993-2009) join CCHL
  3. (Central Canadian Hockey League, 2009-2010) join OJHL
  4. (Ontario Junior Hockey League, 2010-present)



  • Aldershot Arena (formerly Kiwanis Arena)
  • Appleby Ice Centre
  • Brown's Ice Box
  • Burlington Pond Hockey Training Centre
  • Central Arena
  • Centre Ice Training Academy
  • Mainway Recreation Centre
  • Mountainside Arena
  • Nelson Recreation Centre
  • Skyway Arena
  • Wave Sports Centre

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