The Buffalo Majors were a minor professional team in Buffalo, New York. They played in the American Hockey Association (AHA) from 1930 to 1932.

The AHA decided to place a team in Buffalo in 1930 despite its distance from the other teams in the league and the fact that Buffalo already had a team (the Buffalo Bisons in the International Hockey League.

The Bisons were playing in the Peace Bridge Arena across the river in Fort Erie, Ontario. The Majors wanted to play in Buffalo itself so the Buffalo Broadway Auditorium, a municipal hall, was to receive an artificial ice surface.

The ice surface was not ready for the season opener in December, 1930, and the team had to play for more than a month on the road. The arena was ready in late January but there was a bowling competition in February. The Majors ended up playing only seven home games. Despite this the team was engaged in a tight race for the third and last playoff spot. The Majors lost this race by only six points.

The Majors started their 1931-32 season in November, this time with no arena problems. However their fan support was low and finances were very tight, being in the middle of the Great Depression. Also the other AHA teams were in trouble themselves and could no longer afford the high cost of travel to Buffalo.

The team played its last game on January 20,1932, and was officially folded on February 2.

The Broadway Auditorium lost its ice sheet for good and became a bowling alley.

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