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For other leagues with the same name, please see British National League (disambiguation).

The British National League was an ice hockey league that existed in Great Britain from 1954 to 1960. The league was formed in 1954 from the merger of the English National League and of the Scottish National League. The merger had become necessary, as the number of teams in both leagues dwindled.

After the 1954-55 season, all of the Scottish teams except the Paisley Pirates abandoned professional ice hockey. This loss seriously hurt the league, that never really recovered from the blow.

It eventually folded in 1960. There were five teams left at the time - Streatham, Nottingham Panthers, Wembley Lions, Paisley Pirates. and the Brighton Tigers.


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British National League winners
Season Winner
1955 Harringay Racers
1956 Nottingham Panthers
1957 Wembley Lions
1958 Brighton Tigers
1959 Paisley Pirates
1960 Streatham