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The British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL) is an independent university and college league. The league's current and former teams are also affiliated with other conferences (the CWUAA of U Sports, the GNAC or Big Sky of the NCAA, or the PWAA of the CCAA) in other sports. Starting in 2021-22, the league introduced "independent collegiate transfer teams", which draw from more than one institution.

The league officially started in 2005-06 with teams from Trinity Western University, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, University of Northern British Columbia and University of the Fraser Valley. The league is currently a 4-team league and plays a 24 game schedule (reduced to 12 games for 2021-22). Previously, the top 4 teams qualified for best-of-3 semi-finals. There is no national championship for the league winner to pursue.

In 2020-21 the Trinity Western Spartans moved to the Canada West Universities Athletic Association, where they already competed in other sports.

The league has expanded its' membership by adding College Transfer Teams where the teams are run independently of the university with the addition of the Okanagan Lakers for 2021-22 and the planned addition of a few more teams for 2022-23.

Recruited players usually come from Junior A or Junior B leagues, with a smattering of Major Junior grads as well.

The frequency of non-conference games between BCIHL teams and those from other conferences has increased. They usually suffer dominant losses to teams from U Sports and the NCAA, but have done better against teams from the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC).

Participating Teams

Current Teams

Simon Fraser Clan (GNAC - NCAA)
Vancouver Island Mariners (PWAA - CCAA)
Victoria Vikings (CWUAA - USports)
Okanagan Lakers (independent collegiate transfer team, starting 2021-22)
Fraser Valley Brigade (independent collegiate transfer team, starting 2022-23)
Thompson Okanagan Pioneers (independent collegiate transfer team, starting 2022-23)

Former Teams

Eastern Washington Eagles (2011-2018) (Big Sky - NCAA)
Selkirk College Saints (2006-2020) (PWAA - CCAA)
Trinity Western Spartans (2005-2020) (CWUAA - CIS)
UNBC Timberwolves (2006) (CWUAA - USports)

Former Teams now in Independent Collegiate Transfer Program

Fraser Valley Cascades (2006-2011) (CWUAA - USports)
Okanagan College Coyotes (2010-2012) (PWAA - CCAA)
Thompson Rivers Wolfpack (2010-2014) (CWUAA - USports)

Independent Collegiate Transfer Program

Columbia Bible College Bearcats (PWAA - CCAA)
UBC Okanagan Heat (CWUAA - USports)
Ashton College (none)
CDI College (none)
Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (none)
Summit Pacific College (none)

Table of Seasons and Champions

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Until 2012 the champion was declared from a final tournament. Starting in 2013 playoff series were used.
Year Champion Runner-up Notes
2003-04 UC Cariboo (now Thompson Rivers) Trinity Western Titans unofficial
2004-05 Trinity Western Titans Victoria Vikings unofficial
2005-06 Trinity Western Titans Simon Fraser Clan tournament final
2006-07 Victoria Vikings Fraser Valley Cascades 8-3 tournament final
2007-08 Simon Fraser Clan Fraser Valley Cascades 3-0 tournament final
2008-09 Victoria Vikings Simon Fraser Clan 3-1 tournament final
2009-10 Simon Fraser Clan Thompson Rivers Wolfpack 2-1 tournament final
2010-11 Simon Fraser Clan Thompson Rivers Wolfpack 5-1 tournament final
2011-12 Victoria Vikings Simon Fraser Clan 4-3 ot tournament final
2012-13 Selkirk College Saints Simon Fraser Clan 2-0, 3-2 ot
2013-14 Selkirk College Saints Trinity Western Spartans 6-1, 5-1
2014-15 Selkirk College Saints Simon Fraser Clan 3-1, 4-2
2015-16 Selkirk College Saints Trinity Western Spartans 5-1, 2-1
2016-17 Victoria Vikings Trinity Western Spartans 0-5, 2-1, 3-2
2017-18 Trinity Western Spartans Selkirk College Saints 5-1, 4-1
2018-19 Trinity Western Spartans Vancouver Island Mariners 3-2, 9-1
2019-20 playoffs cancelled due to COVID-19
2020-21 season cancelled due to COVID-19
2021-22 Simon Fraser Clan Vancouver Island Mariners 2-0

Post-Season All-Star Teams

Playoff All-Star Teams


None - season cancelled


None - playoffs cancelled


Forwards: Jarrett Fontaine (Trinity), Evan Last (Trinity), Dylan McCann (VIU)
Defencemen: Kaleb Denham (Trinity), Jacob Mills (Trinity)
Goaltender: Lucas Mills (Trinity)
Most Valuable Player: Jarrett Fontaine (Trinity)


Forwards: Jarrett Fontaine (TWU), Evan Last (TWU), Jordan Rendle (TWU)
Defencemen: Dustin Deugau (TWU), Seth Schmidt (Selkirk)
Goaltender: Silas Matthys (TWU)
Most Valuable Player: Jarrett Fontaine (TWU)


Forwards: Patrick Holland (UVic), Evan Last (TWU), Shawn Mueller (UVic)
Defencemen: Stefan Gonzales (TWU), Noah Henry (UVic)
Goaltender: Silas Matthys (TWU)
Most Valuable Player: Shawn Mueller (UVic)


Forwards: Dallas Calvin (Selkirk), Ryan Edwards (Selkirk), Linden Horswill (UVic)
Defencemen: Tanner Lenting (Selkirk), Blair Murphy (TWU)
Goaltender: James Prigione (Selkirk)
Most Valuable Player: Ryan Edwards (Selkirk)


Forwards: Ryan Edwards (Selkirk), Logan Proulx (Selkirk), Adam Callegari (SFU)
Defencemen: Stefan Gonzales (Selkirk), Jared Eng (SFU)
Goaltender: James Prigione (Selkirk)
Most Valuable Player: Ryan Edwards (Selkirk)


Forwards: Cody Fidgett (Selkirk), Connor McLaughlin (Selkirk), J.P. Villeneuve (TWU)
Defencemen: Tanner Lenting (Selkirk), Blair Murphy (TWU)
Goaltender: Silas Matthys (TWU)
Most Valuable Player: Silas Matthys (TWU)


Forwards: Cody Fidgett (Selkirk), Brendan Silvester (SFU), Jordan Wood (Selkirk)
Defencemen: Kam Crawford (Selkirk), Taylor Swaffield (SFU)
Goaltender: Alex Sirard (Selkirk)
Most Valuable Player: Alex Sirard (Selkirk)

Championship Tournament All-Star Teams


Forwards: Dustin Taylor (UVIC), Bill Smith (SFU), Brent Sutherland (UVIC)
Defencemen: Doug Evans (UVIC), Dave Mann (OC)
Goaltender: Graeme Gordon (SFU)
Most Valuable Player: Dustin Taylor (UVIC)


Forwards: Paul Moscone (SFU), Zac Rasmussen (TRU), Bill Smith (SFU)
Defencemen: James Isaacs (SFU), Matt Schultz (UVIC)
Goaltender: Anthony Manfredi (TRU)
Most Valuable Player: Paul Moscone (SFU)


Forwards: Joel Leonard (TRU), Jas Rai (SFU), Jassi Sangha (TRU)
Defencemen: David Boychuk (TRU), Kyle Boyko (SFU)
Goaltender: Adam Butler (OC)
Most Valuable Player: Jas Rai (SFU)


Forwards: Brent Sutherland (UVic), Rob Vos (UFV), Jaime Laprise (SFU)
Defence: Iain Stewart (SFU), Matt Schultz (UVic)
Goaltender: Nick Olynyk (UVic)
Most Valuable Player: Brent Sutherland (UVic)


Forwards: Rob Vos (UCFV), Dan Birch (UVic), Paul Moscone (SFU)
Defense: Mike Boisvert (Selkirk), Nathan Sagert (UCFV)
Goalie: Gord Neave (UVic)
Most Valuable Player: Blair Driedger (SFU)


Goalie: Gord Neave, Victoria
Defense: Ettienne du Toit, Victoria; Nathan Sagert, UCFV
Wing: Kit Matkaluk, Victoria; Shawn Murracas, SFU
Centre: Drew Davis, Victoria (Tournament MVP and leading scorer)
Most Valuable Player: Drew Davis (UVic)

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