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The British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL) is an independent university and college league. The league's current and former teams are also affiliated with other conferences (the CWUAA of U Sports, the GNAC or Big Sky of the NCAA, or the PWAA of the CCAA) in other sports.

The league officially started in 2005-06 with teams from Trinity Western University, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, University of Northern British Columbia and University of the Fraser Valley. The league is currently a 4-team league and plays a 24 game schedule. The top 4 teams qualify for best-of-3 semi-finals. There is no national championship for the league winner to pursue. In 2020-21 the Trinity Western Spartans moved to the Canada West Universities Athletic Association, where they already competed in other sports.

Recruited players usually come from Junior A or Junior B leagues, with a smattering of Major Junior grads as well.

The frequency of non-conference games between BCIHL teams and those from other conferences has increased. They usually suffer dominant losses to teams from U Sports and NCAA, but have done better against teams from the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC).

Participating Teams[edit | edit source]

Current Teams[edit | edit source]

Selkirk College Saints (PWAA - CCAA)
Simon Fraser Clan (GNAC - NCAA)
Vancouver Island Mariners (PWAA - CCAA)
Victoria Vikings (CWUAA - USp)

Former Teams[edit | edit source]

Trinity Western Spartans (2006-2020) (CWUAA - USp)
Eastern Washington Eagles (2012-2018) (Big Sky - NCAA)
Thompson Rivers Wolfpack (2010-2014) (CWUAA - USp)
Okanagan College Coyotes (2010-2012) (PWAA - CCAA)
Fraser Valley Cascades (2006-2011) (CWUAA - USp)
UNBC Timberwolves (2006) (CWUAA - USp)

Table of Seasons and Champions[edit | edit source]

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Until 2012 the champion was declared from a final tournament. Starting in 2013 playoff series were used.
Year Champion Runner-up Notes
2003-04 UC Cariboo (now Thompson Rivers) Trinity Western Titans unofficial
2004-05 Trinity Western Titans Victoria Vikings unofficial
2005-06 Trinity Western Titans Simon Fraser Clan tournament final
2006-07 Victoria Vikings Fraser Valley Cascades 8-3 tournament final
2007-08 Simon Fraser Clan Fraser Valley Cascades 3-0 tournament final
2008-09 Victoria Vikings Simon Fraser Clan 3-1 tournament final
2009-10 Simon Fraser Clan Thompson Rivers Wolfpack 2-1 tournament final
2010-11 Simon Fraser Clan Thompson Rivers Wolfpack 5-1 tournament final
2011-12 Victoria Vikings Simon Fraser Clan 4-3 ot tournament final
2012-13 Selkirk College Saints Simon Fraser Clan 2-0, 3-2 ot
2013-14 Selkirk College Saints Trinity Western Spartans 6-1, 5-1
2014-15 Selkirk College Saints Simon Fraser Clan 3-1, 4-2
2015-16 Selkirk College Saints Trinity Western Spartans 5-1, 2-1
2016-17 Victoria Vikings Trinity Western Spartans 0-5, 2-1, 3-2
2017-18 Trinity Western Spartans Selkirk College Saints 5-1, 4-1
2018-19 Trinity Western Spartans Vancouver Island Mariners 3-2, 9-1
2019-20 Tournament cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

Post-Season All-Star Teams[edit | edit source]

Playoff All-Star Teams[edit | edit source]


None - playoffs cancelled


Forwards: Jarrett Fontaine (Trinity), Evan Last (Trinity), Dylan McCann (VIU)
Defencemen: Kaleb Denham (Trinity), Jacob Mills (Trinity)
Goaltender: Lucas Mills (Trinity)
Most Valuable Player: Jarrett Fontaine (Trinity)


Forwards: Jarrett Fontaine (TWU), Evan Last (TWU), Jordan Rendle (TWU)
Defencemen: Dustin Deugau (TWU), Seth Schmidt (Selkirk)
Goaltender: Silas Matthys (TWU)
Most Valuable Player: Jarrett Fontaine (TWU)


Forwards: Patrick Holland (UVic), Evan Last (TWU), Shawn Mueller (UVic)
Defencemen: Stefan Gonzales (TWU), Noah Henry (UVic)
Goaltender: Silas Matthys (TWU)
Most Valuable Player: Shawn Mueller (UVic)


Forwards: Dallas Calvin (Selkirk), Ryan Edwards (Selkirk), Linden Horswill (UVic)
Defencemen: Tanner Lenting (Selkirk), Blair Murphy (TWU)
Goaltender: James Prigione (Selkirk)
Most Valuable Player: Ryan Edwards (Selkirk)


Forwards: Ryan Edwards (Selkirk), Logan Proulx (Selkirk), Adam Callegari (SFU)
Defencemen: Stefan Gonzales (Selkirk), Jared Eng (SFU)
Goaltender: James Prigione (Selkirk)
Most Valuable Player: Ryan Edwards (Selkirk)


Forwards: Cody Fidgett (Selkirk), Connor McLaughlin (Selkirk), J.P. Villeneuve (TWU)
Defencemen: Tanner Lenting (Selkirk), Blair Murphy (TWU)
Goaltender: Silas Matthys (TWU)
Most Valuable Player: Silas Matthys (TWU)


Forwards: Cody Fidgett (Selkirk), Brendan Silvester (SFU), Jordan Wood (Selkirk)
Defencemen: Kam Crawford (Selkirk), Taylor Swaffield (SFU)
Goaltender: Alex Sirard (Selkirk)
Most Valuable Player: Alex Sirard (Selkirk)

Championship Tournament All-Star Teams[edit | edit source]


Forwards: Dustin Taylor (UVIC), Bill Smith (SFU), Brent Sutherland (UVIC)
Defencemen: Doug Evans (UVIC), Dave Mann (OC)
Goaltender: Graeme Gordon (SFU)
Most Valuable Player: Dustin Taylor (UVIC)


Forwards: Paul Moscone (SFU), Zac Rasmussen (TRU), Bill Smith (SFU)
Defencemen: James Isaacs (SFU), Matt Schultz (UVIC)
Goaltender: Anthony Manfredi (TRU)
Most Valuable Player: Paul Moscone (SFU)


Forwards: Joel Leonard (TRU), Jas Rai (SFU), Jassi Sangha (TRU)
Defencemen: David Boychuk (TRU), Kyle Boyko (SFU)
Goaltender: Adam Butler (OC)
Most Valuable Player: Jas Rai (SFU)


Forwards: Brent Sutherland (UVic), Rob Vos (UFV), Jaime Laprise (SFU)
Defence: Iain Stewart (SFU), Matt Schultz (UVic)
Goaltender: Nick Olynyk (UVic)
Most Valuable Player: Brent Sutherland (UVic)


Forwards: Rob Vos (UCFV), Dan Birch (UVic), Paul Moscone (SFU)
Defense: Mike Boisvert (Selkirk), Nathan Sagert (UCFV)
Goalie: Gord Neave (UVic)
Most Valuable Player: Blair Driedger (SFU)


Goalie: Gord Neave, Victoria
Defense: Ettienne du Toit, Victoria; Nathan Sagert, UCFV
Wing: Kit Matkaluk, Victoria; Shawn Murracas, SFU
Centre: Drew Davis, Victoria (Tournament MVP and leading scorer)
Most Valuable Player: Drew Davis (UVic)

SOURCE: BCIHL.ca History Page

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