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Diables Rouges Briançon
Briançon hockey logo.png
City: 37, rue Georges Bermond-Gonnet
League: Ligue Magnus
Founded: 1935 (1935)
Home Arena: Patinoire René Froger (capacity 2.150)
Head Coach: Luciano Basile
General Manager: Luciano Basile

Briançon Alpes Provence Hockey Club (BAPHC) (a.k.a. Diables Rouges de Briançon or the Hockey Club Briançon) is the ice hockey team of Briançon. Their home arena is the Patinoire René Froger.

  • Team colours: red & white

Awards and trophies[]

They won the Marcel Claret Trophy in 1982-83 & 1983-84.


The club is founded in 1935. The team made its comeback in the Ligue Magnus since the 2002/2003 season.


Name Nationality Period
Michel Tartarin Flag of France France 1970-1981
Roger Demment Flag of the United States United States 1972-1975
Jim King Flag of Canada Canada 1975-1977
Roger Demment Flag of the United States United States 1977-1981
André Lauzon Flag of Canada Canada ?
Jan Simun Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 1989-1990
Richard Sevigny Flag of Canada Canada 1990-1991
André Peloffy Flag of Canada CanadaFlag of France France 1991-1992
Marc Peythieu Flag of France France 1994-1996
Michel Leblanc Flag of Canada CanadaFlag of France France 1996-1997
Ari Salo Flag of Finland Finland 1997-1998
András Farkas Flag of Hungary Hungary 1998-1999
Michel Leblanc Flag of Canada CanadaFlag of France France 1999-2002
Juha Jokiharju Flag of Finland Finland 2002-2003
Philippe Combe Flag of France France 2003
Luciano Basile Flag of Canada CanadaFlag of Italy Italy 2003-present


  • Pierre Gravier (1935-?)
  • Emile Roul
  • Brochier
  • René Froger (1941-?)
  • Antoine Faure
  • Georges Bermond-Gonnet (1958-1970)
  • Yvon Peythieu (1970-1984)
  • Jean-Paul Garnero (1984-1985)
  • Bernard Voiron (1985-1987)
  • Philippe Pacull (1987-1988)
  • Christian Séard (1988-1989)
  • Philippe Pacull (1989-1990)
  • Robert de Caumont (1989-1991)
  • Philippe Pacull (1993-1998)
  • Jean-Pierre Bortino (1999-2001)
  • Alain Bayrou (2001-présent)



Year Name Nationality Trophy
1988 Georges Roul Flag of France Jean-Pierre Graff Trophy
1989 André Côté Flag of Canada Flag of France Charles Ramsey Trophy
1988 Petri Ylönen Flag of Finland Flag of France Jean Ferrand Trophy
1992 Peter Almasy Flag of Slovakia Flag of France Raymond Dewas Trophy
1991 Corrado Micalef Flag of CanadaFlag of Italy Italy Jean Ferrand Trophy
2009 Tommi Satosaari Flag of Finland Jean Ferrand Trophy
2009 Jean-François Dufour Flag of Canada Charles Ramsey Trophy


Name Nationality Period
Georges Bermond-Gonnet Flag of France 1940 - ?
Yvon Peythieu Flag of France ?
Marc Peythieu Flag of France ?
Gilles Chevalier Flag of France ?
Dennis Murphy Flag of the United StatesFlag of France ?
Georges Roul Flag of France 1993-1998
Christophe Robert Flag of France ?
Éric Blais Flag of France 2000-2005
Jean-François Jodoin Flag of Canada Flag of France 2005-2006
Edo Terglav Flag of Slovenia 2006-présent

NHL players[]

Name Nationality Games in NHL Period
Mark Rycroft Flag of Canada 229 games 2004-2005
Corrado Micalef Flag of Canada Flag of Italy 116 games 1990-1991
Michel Galarneau Flag of Canada Flag of France 78 games 1991-1992
Jean-Marc Gaulin Flag of Canada Flag of France 27 games 1991-1992
Rémi Royer Flag of Canada 18 games 2006-2007
François Groleau Flag of Canada 8 games 2008-2010
Philippe DeRouville Flag of Canada 3 games 2003-2004

Team 2009-2010[]

Coach : Luciano Basile Flag of Canada Canada Flag of Italy Italy.


Number Nationality Name Catch Date of birth Place of birth
39 Flag of France France Aurélien Bertrand G 7 February 1987 Gap (France)
60 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Ramón Sopko‎ G 6 April 1981 Košice (Slovakia)


Number Nationality Name Shoots Date of birth Place of birth
5 Flag of Hungary Hungary Viktor Szélig D 22 September 1975 Dunaújváros (Hungary)
79 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Michal Korenko D 22 July 1987 Poprad (Slovakia)
25 Flag of France France Gary Lévêque D 11 August 1981 Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon (France)
15 Flag of Canada Canada Stéphane Gervais D 22 October 1982 Windsor (Canada)
27 Flag of Canada Canada François Groleau G 23 January 1973 Longueuil (Canada)
48 Flag of Sweden Sweden Sebastian Sjösten G 5 February 1985 Nyköping (Sweden)
8 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Maks Selan G 20 November 1988 Jesenice (Slovenia)


Number Nationality Name Shoots Date of birth Place of birth
7 Flag of France France Mickaël Pérez G 2 July 1983 Gap (France)
9 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Edo Terglav G 24 January 1980 Kranj (Slovenia)
11 Flag of Canada Canada François-Pierre Guenette G 18 January 1984 Laval, Quebec (Canada)
20 Flag of France France Brice Chauvel G 20 July 1979 Caen (France)
28 Flag of France France Damien Raux D 3 November 1984 Rouen (France)
41 Flag of Canada Canada Marc-André Bernier G 05 February 1985 Laval, Quebec (Canada)
57 Flag of Finland Finland Joni Lindlöf G 17 May 1984 Tampere (Finland)
22 Flag of France France Mathieu Reverdin D 22 July 1987 Gleizé (France)
85 Flag of France France Sébastien Rohat D 18 February 1985 Briançon (France)
87 Flag of France France Quentin Pépy D 14 June 1987 Paris (France)
32 Flag of Finland Finland Timo Seikkula G 27 May 1978 Kalajoki (Finland)
11 Flag of France France Peter Bourgaut G 17 May 1987 Tours (France)

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