Borlänge HF
Borlänge Hockeyförening
Borlange HF.gif
City Flag of Sweden Borlänge, Dalarna, Sweden
League Division 1
Division 1C
Founded 1961 (1961) as IF Tunabro
1993 (1993) under its current name
Home arena Borlänge Ishall
General manager Flag of Sweden Mats Johansson
Head coach Flag of Sweden Christer Sjöberg
Captain Flag of Sweden Daniel Eklund


Borlänge Hockeyförening (literally Borlänge Hockey Association) or Borlänge HF is a Swedish ice hockey club located in Borlänge. The club has origins in IF Tunabro, founded in 1961, which played three seasons in Sweden's top hockey league (then called Division I) from 1971 but in 1974 was demoted to the second tier (then called Division 1) and in 1977 was further demoted to the third tier (then Division 2). This created a situation where three Borlänge teams played in the same league, resulting in a series of mergers ending in 1981. The unified club was given its current name in 1993.[1]

Borlänge HF currently plays in the 1C-group of Division 1, the third tier of Swedish ice hockey.[2]

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