The following coaches have been named Hockey East Coach of the Year

Season     Coach              School

1984-85   Len Ceglarski   Boston College

1985-86   Jack Parker      Boston University

1986-87   Bill Riley Jr.       University of Lowell

1987-88   Shawn Walsh     Maine

1988-89   Fern Flaman     Northeastern

1989-90   Shawn Walsh     Maine

1990-91   Richard Umile    New Hampshire

1991-92   Jack Parker      Boston University

1992-93   Shawn Walsh     Maine

1993-94   Bruce Crowder   UMass-Lowell

1994-95   Shawn Walsh     Maine

1995-96   Bruce Crowder   UMass-Lowell

1996-97   Richard Umile    New Hampshire

1997-98   Bruce Crowder   UMass-Lowell

1998-99   Richard Umile    New Hampshire

1999-00   Jack Parker      Boston University

2000-01   Paul Pooley     Providence College

2001-02   Richard Umile    New Hampshire

2002-03   Don Cahoon      UMass-Amherst

2003-04   Jerry York          Boston College

2004-05   Jack Parker      Boston University

2005-06   Jack Parker      Boston University

2006-07   Richard Umile    New Hampshire

2007-08   Kevin Sneddon     Vermont

2008-09   Greg Cronin       Northeastern

2009-10   Richard Umile    New HampshireMark Dennehy   Merrimack

2010-11   Jerry York          Boston College

2011-12  Norm Bazin        UMass-Lowell

2012-13  Norm Bazin        UMass-Lowell

2013-14   Jerry York          Boston College

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