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Medal record
Competitor for Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
1924 Winter Olympics
Men's Ice hockey
Bronze 1924 Chamonix Team Competition

Blaine Nathaniel Sexton (May 3, 1892 – April 29, 1966) was a British ice hockey player who competed in the 1924 Winter Olympics and in the 1928 Winter Olympics. In 1916 he joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force and fought in the trenches of France on the Western Front during World War I. After the war he was instrumental in not only expanding Ice Hockey in the United Kingdom but across Europe. Known in Europe as B.N.Sexton he was inducted into the UK Hockey Hall of fame in 1950.

Early life[]

Sexton was born Blaine Nathaniel Sexton to Mr. and Mrs. John Sexton in Falmouth, Nova Scotia. He started to play for the Windsor Swastikas.

Spreading Hockey[]

After the war he moved back to Nova Scotia Canada with a women he met and married in while stationed in England. He spent a few years before returning to the UK because his wife was homesick. In the UK as well as mainland Europe he was instrumental in advancing the sport of Hockey. Known as England's "MISTER HOCKEY" newspaper reports of the time show that Sexton was lead hockey player in Europe. In 1924 he was a member of the British ice hockey team, which won the bronze medal. The same year, he founded the London Lions team. Four years later he finished fourth with the British team in the 1928 Olympic tournament.

In 1924 he founded the London Lions a hockey team mainly composed of expatriate Canadians. The Lions made it to the finals of the 1924/25 Coupe de Davos and made it through to the quarterfinals of the prestigious club tournament - the Spengler Cup. In May of 1930 during the first playoffs for the British League title Sexton pushed the Lions to defeat the Glasgow 2-1 to win the Patton Cup, a title they held for one more year. At almost 40 Sexton was selected for the British team for the 1930 World Championship. The team finished in last place.

Retirement and later life[]

Sexton was inducted to the British Ice Hockey Hall of Fame in 1950 and died in Folkestone, England, in 1966. In 1993 he became a member of the Birthplace of Hockey Hall of Fame in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Sexton's photos and Olympic crest as well as his nine-layered laminated childhood puck, complete with hand-carved initials, are on display at the Windsor, Nova Scotia Hockey Heritage Centre.