Seal of Billings, Montana

This city's seal.

Billings is the largest city in Montana. The city has a population of almost 90,000.


  1. Western Canadian Hockey League, 1977-1978) league renamed WHL
  2. Western Hockey League, 1978-1982) became Nanaimo Islanders
  1. American Frontier Hockey League, 1993-1998) league renamed AWHL
  2. America West Hockey League, 1998-2003) join NAHL
  3. North American Hockey League, 2003-2006 join Nor-Pac
  4. Northern Pacific Hockey League, 2006-2011) withdrew to for AWHL
  5. American West Hockey League, 2011-2014) league merged into NA3HL
  6. North American 3 Hockey League, 2014-Present)


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