The Bezirksliga is the 6th level of ice hockey is Germany.

Bezirskliga winners

Season Club
1994-95 ESV Bayreuth
1995-96 SC Reichersbeuern
1998-99 HC 1998 München
2000-01 EV Landsberg
2001-02 BTS Bayreuth
2002-03 TSV Erding
2003-04 TSV Kottern
2004-05 ERC Selb
2005-06 EC Bad Kissing
2006-07 ESV Gebensbach
2007-08 SC Gaißach
2008-09 TSV Schliersee
  • The 2000-01 Bezirksliga final saw the clash of two Bavarian "giants". The two re-formed clubs, SB Rosenheim and EV Landsberg both didn't lose a regular season game and remained unbeaten in the semi-finals, Landsberg having scored 234 goals in 14 matches and Rosenheim 164 in 12. Landsberg then went on to win both final games finishing on a 16-0-0 record with 247 goals for and 15 goals against. A year later, the situation repeated itselve quite similar in the Landesliga, , with the EVL again dominating
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