Belleville Memorial Arena
The Belleville Memorial Arena is an indoor arena located in Belleville, Ontario.  The arena opened in 1929 as the Hume Arena.  It was renamed in 1946 to its present name when purchased by the city of Belleville.  The arena was home to the Belleville McFarlands who won the 1957-58 Allan Cup Final and the won the 1959 World Championship as Canada's representative.

Belleville’s Memorial Arena has been a significant community centre for over 80 years and continues to be instrumental in the development of hockey careers. Originally called Hume Arena, it was purchased by the City of Belleville in 1946 and renamed the Belleville Memorial Arena to honour war veterans. Constructed as a smaller version of Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens, its unique squared corners made playing hockey different than at other rinks. Many great hockey players have skated on its ice, including Bobby Hull, Matte Cooke, Brad Richardson and Andrew Shaw. From 1956-61, it was home ice for the Belleville McFarlands, the team that defeated the Soviet Union in 1959 to win the World Championship. The arena was also home to the Quinte Figure Skating Club. It was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act in 2003 by the City of Belleville and remains a time capsule of sports history.[1]


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