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Bell MTS Iceplex
Location 3969 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Broke ground July 2009
Opened August 2010
Owner True North Sports & Entertainment Limited
Construction cost $26.6 million CAD[1]
Capacity Winnipeg Free Press Arena - 1,350[2]
Assiniboine Credit Union Arena - 225[2]
Red River Co-op Arena - 225[2]
RE/MAX Arena - 225[2]

The Bell MTS Iceplex and Hockey Canada Centre of Excellence is an ice hockey facility located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The 172000 sq.ft. building, which opened in August 2010, is owned and operated by True North Sports and Entertainment, which also owns the MTS Centre in downtown Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Jets of the National Hockey League.[1][3]


The Bell MTS Iceplex, originally known as the True North MoosePlex Hockey Canada Centre, was built on time and within its budget, at a cost of $26.6 million Canadian. The federal and provincial governments contributed $11.7 million, while True North covered the remaining $14.9 million.[1] In exchange for public funding, True North guaranteed use of the facility to local amateur and recreational hockey teams.[3]

In April 2010, True North entered a naming rights agreement with Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS), and the facility was renamed the MTS Iceplex. MTS also owns the naming rights to True North's other major sports facility, the MTS Centre.[4]

A 21,000 square foot addition to the Iceplex was completed in 2016. As part of this expansion, new training facilities and office space were built for the Jets and Moose.[5]

The facility was renamed the Bell MTS Iceplex following Bell Canada's acquisition of MTS in 2017.[6]


The MTS Iceplex is open year round and consists of four arenas, each with an NHL regulation size ice surface. Each rink is sponsored by a local business: the Winnipeg Free Press Arena seats 1,350 spectators, while the RE/MAX, Assiniboine Credit Union, and Red River Co-op Arenas seat 225 each.[4] The Iceplex also features dryland training facilities, 22 dressing rooms, a pro shop, a restaurant and bar, conference rooms, and office space for Hockey Manitoba, Hockey Canada, and True North.[2][4][7] The complex is located just outside the west Perimeter Highway, next to Assiniboia Downs and the Pointe West AutoPark.


The following teams and organizations are regular tenants:

Former tenants[]

Major events[]

The MTS Iceplex was one of three venues that hosted the 2011 World Under 17 Hockey Challenge, a major international hockey tournament held by Hockey Canada each winter. It was slated to host the 2012 tournament as well, but Hockey Canada, at the request of True North, decided to relocate the tournament to Windsor, Ontario in June 2011.[9][10]


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