This is a list of the Most Valuable Players at the Beanpot Tournament:

Year MVP School Position

1952 Walt Greeley Harvard F
1954 Bob Babine Boston College F
1955 Billy Cleary Harvard F
1956 James Tiernan Boston College F
1957 Joe Celeta Boston College F
1958 Bill Sullivan Boston U. F
1959 Jim Logue Boston College G
1960 Bob Bland Harvard G
1961 Tom Martin Boston College D
1962 Gene Kinasewich Harvard F
1963 Billy Hogan Boston College F
1964 John Cunniff Boston College F
1965 John Cunniff Boston College F
1966 Tom Ross Boston U. D
1967 Herb Wakabayashi Boston U. F
1968 Jim McCann Boston U. G
1969 Joe Cavanagh Harvard F
1970 Mike Hyndman Boston D
1971 Steve Stirling Boston U. F
1972 Dan Brady Boston U. G & John Danby Boston U. F
1973 Vic Stanfield Boston U. D
1974 Randy Roth Harvard F
1975 Vic Stanfield Boston U. D
1976 Paul Skidmore Boston College G
1977 Brian Petrovek Harvard G
1978 Jack O'Callahan Boston U. D
1979 Daryl MacLeod Boston U. F
1980 Dave Archambault Northeastern D

Year MVP School Position

1981 Wade Lau Harvard G
1982 Tom O'Regan Boston U. F
1983 Bob Sweeney Boston College F
1984 Tim Marshall Northeastern G
1985 Bruce Racine Northeastern G
1986 Terry Taillefer Boston U. G
1987 Mike Kelfer Boston U. F
1988 Bruce Racine Northeastern G
1989 Lane MacDonald Harvard F
1990 David Tomlinson Boston U. F
1991 Tony Amonte Boston U. F
1992 Mike Prendergast Boston U. F
1993 Ted Drury Harvard F
1994 Greg Taylor Boston College G
1995 Ken Rausch Boston U. F
1996 Chris Drury Boston U. F
1997 Bill Pierce Boston U. F
1998 Tom Poti Boston U. D
1999 Michel Larocque Boston U. G
2000 Rick DiPietro Boston U. G
2001 Krys Kolanos Boston College F
2002 Justin Maiser Boston U. F
2003 Sean Fields Boston U. G
2004 Sean Fields Boston U. G
2005 Chris Bourque Boston U. F
2006 Peter MacArthur Boston U. F
2007 John Curry Boston U. G
2008 Brian Gibbons Boston College F
2009 Nick Bonino Boston U. F

2010 John Muse, BC, G

2011 Chris Kreider, BC, F

2012 Johnny Gaudreau, BC F

2013 Kevin Roy, NU, F

2014 Kevin Hayes, BC, F

2015 Mat Grzelcyk, BU, F

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