Bavarian Landesliga
2009-10 Bayernliga season
Bayrische Eishockey Landesliga
Sport Ice hockey
Founded [[]]
No. of teams 33
Country(ies) Flag of Germany Germany
Most recent champion(s) [[]]
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The Bavarian Landesliga is an ice hockey league located in Bavaria, Germany. The league lies on the fifth level of German hockey; its champion may promote to the Bayernliga, while its worst teams may get relegated to the Bezirksliga. This league, like the Bayernliga and Bezirksliga, is operated by the Bayrischer Eissport Verband.

Participating teamsEdit

Flag of Bavaria
2010-11 Bavarian Landesliga teams
Team City/Area Arena Capacity Founded
Gruppe Nord (North)
Flag of Germany ESC 2000 Amberg Amberg Eishalle Amberg
Flag of Germany ERSC Amberg Amberg Eishalle Amberg
Flag of Germany ESC Hassfurt Hassfurt Eisstadion Haßfurt 2,500 2004
Flag of Germany ERC Ingolstadt Ingolstadt Saturn Arena 4,800
Flag of Germany EHC 80 Nürnberg Nürnberg ARENA Nürnberg 8,200 1980
Flag of Germany EV Pegnitz Pegnitz Konrad-Löhr-Freizeitzentrum 2,000 1963
Flag of Germany VER Selb 1b Selb Hutschenreuther Eissporthalle 4,082 2004
Flag of Germany 1.EV Weiden Weiden Eisstadion Weiden 2,560 1985
Gruppe Ost (East)
Flag of Germany SE Freising Freising Eisstadion Freising 1997
Flag of Germany SVG Burgkirchen Burgkirchen Keltenhalle Burgkirchen 910 1959
Flag of Germany ESV Gebensbach Dorfen Kunsteisstadion Dorfen 1,900 1977
Flag of Germany EV Moosburg Moosburg Moosburger Eisstadion 2,000 1970
Flag of Germany EK München Munich Olympiaeisstadion im Olympiapark 6,256
Flag of Germany EHC Straubing Straubing Eisstadion am Pulverturm 5,000 1982
Flag of Germany ESC Vilshofen Vilshofen Eisstadion Vilshofen 500 1976
Flag of Germany ESV Waldkirchen Waldkirchen Karoli Eissporthalle 1,200
Gruppe West (West)
Flag of Germany ESV Burgau Burgau Eisstadion Burgau 1,200 2000
Flag of Germany SC Forst Peißenberg Eissporthalle Peißenberg 3,000
Flag of Germany EV Fürstenfeldbruck Füstenfeldbruck Eisstadion Fürstenfeldbruck 1,000 1956
Flag of Germany ESC Kempten Kempten Eisstadion Kempten 3,600 2007
Flag of Germany ESV Königsbrunn Königsbrunn Eissporthalle Königsbrunn 1,250 1951
Flag of Germany ERC Lechbruck Lechbruck Lechparkstadion 800 1958
Flag of Germany EV Lindau Lindau Eichwaldstadion 1,100 1976
Flag of Germany EA Schongau Schongau Eisstadion Schongau 2,000
Flag of Germany 1.EC Senden Vöhringen Eislaufanlage Illerau
Gruppe Süd (South)
Flag of Germany EHC Bad Aibling Bad Aibling Eisstadion Bad Aibling 2,000
Flag of Germany EC Bad Tölz 1B Bad Tölz Hacker Pschorr Arena 4,115 1924
Flag of Germany ESC Riverrats Gerestried Geretsried Heinz Schneider Eisstadion 2,900 2006
Flag of Germany Wanderers Germering Germering Polariom Germering 2,000 1975
Flag of Germany ESC Holzkirchen Holzkirchen Hubertusstadion 500
Flag of Germany ERSC Ottobrunn Ottobrunn Eislaufstadion Ottobrunn 1,000 1972
Flag of Germany TSV Schliersee Schliersee Eissporthalle Miesbach 1,900 1936
Flag of Germany TSV Trostberg Trostberg Eisstadion Trostberg 1,100


Flag of Bavaria Bavarian Landesliga winners
Season Winner
1995-96 EV Dingolfing
1996-97 ESC München
1999-00 EHC Waldkraiburg
2000-01 TSV Schliersee
2001-02 EV Landsberg
2002-03 TuS Geretsried
2003-04 TSV Erding
2004-05 ECDC Memmingen
2005-06 EHF Passau
2006-07 EHC 80 Nürnberg
2007-08 ESV Buchloe
2008-09 EHC Bayreuth

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